Another glaring example of OATH LOVING Supreme Court Judges – by Ali Asad

 In recent past the Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered demolishing all high rise illegal buildings in the Punjab. A drive against such buildings was started and a number of Plazas were demolished. During the campaign an illegal plaza was found belonging to THE HONOURABLE LAW MINISTER of The Punjab. The oppsition made a lot of noise. After much hue and cry a committee under the opposition leader in Punjab Assembly was formed to investigate the matter. Let us see what media told about the said plaza

Turfa tamasha yeh hai keh not a single sitting has yet been done by the said committee because the matter has been SUBJUDICED. To save skin of THE BLUE EYED BOY of the Khadim e aala Punjab a Supreme Court Judge (Mr. Javed Iqbal……. Shahid Orakzai case fame) took suo moto action on the matter capturing all the record available. Not a single hearing has so far taken place.

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