The unruly lawyers, for sale judges and the politics of briefcases – by Sikandar Mehdi

Nawaz Sharif and his PML-N are the pioneers of brief case politics in Pakistan's judiciary.

The evil troika of Judiciary, Lawyers and Media has come to a full circle in Lahore, showing its ugly face. Judiciary which came back riding on the shoulders of lawyers has to payback by ceding to their demands, otherwise they will not let you work.

Nawaz Sharif (and other tonga parties) took the maximum advantage of the evil troika. The other party in the mess of troika is Police, guess who ordered the police to beat up the lawyers. Under whose control is the Punjab Police? (Shahbaz Sharif is the CM, indeed)

Now Nawaz Sharif and his people are saying that it is due to Babar Awan who bought the lawyers.

Dear fellows and politicians, These lawyers have no principles; they are always for sale. Remember they will go to the highest bidder. Nawaz invested millions in CJ restoration campaign. He also bought the lawyers at that time, so why cry now that they have been bought by others. Many who have dealt with the lawyers know it that a lawyer in the court doesn’t even spend a single rupee from his pocket, he asks his munshi (assistant) to pay for the canteen bill, then how come millions were spent by them on CJ’s restoration campaign.

A note to Nawaz Sharif and his friends every where. Nawaz Sharif was the founder of brief case politics and it is coming to haunt him. We still remember when Rafiq Tarar, an unknown retired judge went to Quetta registry of the SC with brief cases to buy judges, and guess what they were bought and passed a decision against the then CJ Sajjad Ali Shah which led to his resignation.

Mr. Nawaz you were paid millions in brief cases by ISI to make IJI, you were paid millions in brief cases by your mentor Osama Bin Laden for no confidence motion against Benazir Bhutto and then you paid judges in brief cases against CJ Sajjad Ali Shah, you paid millions to the lawyers in the movement for the restoration of Iftikhar Choudhry.

What ever is brewing in the country will lead to derailment of the fragile system and no one will be spared. Judiciary which has always obliged the politically ambitious generals by bowing their heads, this time will be spending their sweet time (as I said in one of my earlier posts) on the newly formed beaches (due to flooding) of River Indus in Attock fort.



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