Dr. Farooq Khan’s assassination by the Taliban: Another son of KP, Pakistan has laid down his life

Dr. Farooq khan

According to police, Dr. Farooq was in his clinic when two unknown gunmen entered his clinic and started firing.

Dr Farooq was the Vice-Chancellor of the proposed Islamic University. He also served as a Shura member of Jamaat-e-Islami for some time. In the past he had also contested the National Assembly elections from NA-6 constituency as a candidate of the Islamic Front. He was also an expert psychologist, running his own clinic in Mardan.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Amir Haider Khan Hoti condemned the murder of Dr. Farooq and said that he always spoke out against terrorism. – DawnNews

After Maulana Hasan Jan and  Maulana Sarfaraz Naeemi, he was another victim of terrorists who has raised voice against the violent, barbaric interpretations of Islam by the Taliban and their apologists and proponents.

Pashtun intellectual Farhat Taj, a few days ago had rightly pointed out the neo-miratha of Pashtun elders, leaders and intellectuals who are by any means oppose to Taliban and Talibanisation.

She wrote,

The question is: who is executing this gender-blind neo-miratha? The militants, Taliban or al Qaeda? Seemingly, it looks like this. The Taliban have been accepting responsibility for most such attacks. But do the families all over FATA and KP who suffer such attempts of neo-miratha also believe so? No, they do not understand this to be like that. They hold the ISI responsible for the neo-miratha.

They argue that in the state policy of Afghanistan-specific jihad, any anti-Taliban Pakhtun simply do not exist. The Pakhtun have to be presented to the world as the Taliban. Pakhtunwali (the way of the Pakhtuns) and Talibanisation have to be projected as one and the same thing. Anti-Taliban Pakhtun spoil the whole game of jihad in Afghanistan. Anti-Taliban Pakhtun would be least interested in promoting the state’s jihadi policy in Afghanistan. Thus they have to be eliminated through the state-engineered Taliban.

LUBP strongly condemn the assassination and demand uncompromising and indiscriminate action against the menace of terrorism which has deprived us of thousands of our citizens, Intellectuals, political leadership, Policemen, Officers and  soldiers.

Dr. Farooq Khan’s Bio

Dr. Muhammad Farooq Khan is recognized as a writer, columnist, and intellectual throughout the country. He is also known as a religious scholar and competent TV compare. He was born at a village, in the district of Swabi. He obtained his elementary education at his hometown. Then he joined Cadet College, Hasanabdal, and later on the Cadet College, Kohat. After having acquired the degree in medicine, he decided to specialize in psychiatry. He established his private practice in Mardan. Some of his works include “Pakistan and the Twenty First Century (Urdu)”, “The Struggle for Islamic Revolution”, and “What is Islam”. God has bestowed upon him the quality of presenting his propositions in simple language and clarity of style.

Dr. Farooq Khan’s Vision in his own words

I am humanist, Muslim, Pakistani and a Pakhtun. To strive for the well being of the whole humanity, to uphold the cause of Muslim Ummah and to exalt the dignity of Pakistan and Pukhtoons is my mission. There is no contradiction between their interests, provided every issue is seen with justice and fair play.

In my opinion there are ten basic values which should be honored by every individual, community, country and the whole mankind. These essential and fundamental values are:

  • Human equality and democratic culture
  • Justice
  • Honesty
  • Merit
  • Hard work and thorough struggle
  • Law abiding mentality
  • Wisdom and patience
  • Education
  • Health
  • Strong and well-coordinated welfare institutions for the down trodden classes.
It is not possible for me to address the whole humanity so I address Muslim Ummah, Pakistan and Pukhtoons. In my opinion the degraded and helpless position of all the above three communities is because of the lack of the above ten fundamental values. We lagged behind in fulfilling and abiding all these values. Without honoring these values, we will not be able to survive as prestigious communities and nations.

The Muslims usually blame others for their plight, but in my view the internal factors are much more important than the external factors and once we overcome our weaknesses and shortcomings then the external world will become favorable slowly and steadily.

Development and dignity of Pakistan and the Ummah is based on the efforts to achieve these ideals and standards. It is very clear that a thorough struggle is needed in this regard. This struggle should be totally free from any kind of violence, sentimentalism and provocative rhetoric.

I always strictly follow the teachings of Quran, Sunnah, and my conscience in pondering over all the collective issues and problems facing us. In my opinion, the Muslim Ummah needs a comprehensive discussion and consensus on the following issues:

  • Status of Women in Islamic Society
  • The real instructions of Islam regarding Jihad and Qital
  • The true perspective of Islamic teachings in crimes and punishment
  • Islamic instructions regarding relations between Muslims and Non-Muslims
I have written a few books on these Issues e.g.:
  • Jihad, Qital aur Aalam-e-Islam (Urdu)
  • Islam Kya hai?(Urdu)
  • Islam and Women (Urdu & English)
  • Dialogue with the West (English)
  • Kashmir Issue (Urdu & English)
  • Ikkisween Saddi aur Pakistan (Urdu)
  • Jadeed Zehan Kay Shubhat Aur Islam Ka Jawab (Urdu)
  • Hudood aur Qisas wa Diyat Ordinance Ka Tanqeedi Jaiza (Urdu)
In my opinion Muslim states must proceed according to the following four important points.
  • To bring democratic culture in Muslim states.
  • To resolve all the disputes and conflicts through peaceful means.
  • To dominate and inculcate the above mentioned ten basic collective values in their states.
  • To make a serious and conscious advance in the field of science and technology.
  • I have written extensively on the above issues.
This is my vision and the struggle for this purpose is the mission of my life.

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