Legal Intellect of a Supreme Court Judge – by Ali Raja

Several judges in Pakistan's apex court are personal cronies of Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry

The other day the renowned son of the Chief Justice was intercepted while speeding @87 Km/h on maximum speed limit of 70 km/h. The chap was challaned and he wholeheartedly accepted it. A good omen it was.

The very next day during a court proceedings one of the judges sitting beside the father of the chap paid complements to the chap by saying “KAL JO KUCH HUA WOH QANOON KI HUKMRANI NAHEEN BALKEH QANOON KA EHTERAM THA”.

What a legal itellect from the judge of the apex court. If we examine the case academically, the judge was absolutely wrong. The Chap did not respect (ehteram) the law but the law prevailed (hukmrani).

Isn’t it bad luck that people with such low sense of law are working as judges.



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