What are the credentials of a judge for elevation to Supreme Court? By Ali Raja


Mr Kamran Lashari was Chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and a piece of land was leased to SIZA Foods, a franchisee of McDonalds in Pakistan. On a petition filed by ex-Senator Saadia Abbasi, the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) held the action of CDA unlawful. Mr Lashari had been removed by that time. On orders of SCP a departmental inquiry recommended Mr Lashari’s dismissal from service.

On September 7 as Mr Lashari was posted as Chief Secretary Sindh, which is a position that requires a person of efficiency and effectiveness, the Supreme Court took a serious note of the development and admonished the Government resulting in de-notification of his appointment. ………….The Law prevailed.

Let us now take another case. A Special Judge while in a High Court decides a case in 2000 against a former PM. A division bench of the same court on appeal upheld the verdict. After a lapse of EIGHT YEARS the former PM goes to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court sets aside the requirement of ONE MONTH time for appeal and reverses the decision. Five Judges of The Supreme Court of Pakistan gave a dozen of reasons to support their decision against verdict of the trial court and subsequent Division Bench. The five learned judges of Supreme Court were unanimous that the trial judge had not met necessary requirement of the law.

Within two months of the above mentioned relief to the former Prime Minister, the Supreme Court’s decision throwing away the previous judgment of the trial judge, the same trial judge Mr. Rahmat Hussain Jafri was elevated to the SCP by none other than our

Justice Rahmat Hussain Jafri - the man who convicted a former PM

Candid Chief Justice of Pakistan, I wonder what is the basis of elevation of a judge from a high court to the apex court if even a judge leaving so many lacuna in his decision is promoted?

Off course the difference is that Kamran Lashari, a career civil servant, a person having no charges of corruption against him was appointed by the PPP Government. On the other hand, Mr. Rahmat Hussain Jafri was appointed by none other than the protectors of the constitution. Hypocrisy?!



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