Establishment’s new war‏ – by Amjad Rashid

This is the latest style of foul-play that disgrace your opponent so much that you always win although your opponent plays right. This is surely negative thinking and it was highly condemned by the people in the pasts. But now it seems that people have become chicken hearted and the whole nation is looking like a coward group of people (harassed by the judge-general-journalist alliance).

We can observe this senseless theme in every aspect of our society from a small scale to large platform. As we see in Sialkot’s village Buttar, where 2 innocent brothers were killed by a senseless crowd of beasts, but it is not the bravery of crowd to kill innocent and weaponless young guys but indeed this is their coward behavior.

Nowadays, our coward nation is always silent on such occasions where a man having wealth and power teases a poor common man. In that situation, where there is need to speak for the right, we observe that our nation is always silent and people pass through like strangers. Not a single person has courage to only pay any sympathy with the trapped person.

There is an “establishment” everywhere in Pakistan, from a street or Mohallah to overall political scenario. This establishment, whether existing in any kind, always snatches the rights and opposes proper ideas of those people who try to bring an organization in the system.

Every Pakistani establishment targets those persons who are against the “dictators” of any setup in Pakistan, including a C class institute to Government of Pakistan. The “aim” of these establishment groups is single one “To stop the construction of a proper system” but it is other thing that names are changed of this aim time by time.

It is natural that every establishment owns great resources, man power, lands and capitals if we talk in terms of business, and we should talk about establishment in the terms of business as it is its business to oppose the right and to follow the wrong. It is also natural that the right consists of less man power, less resources and capital and less “approach”. High approaches are the special features of establishment.

Whenever a noble person elects as mere a counselor, the street & Mohalla establishment (which was union council establishments in previous 10 years) opposes that person and offers him “high static friction” according to the rules of Physics. If that person overcomes “high static friction” and starts to “roll” then the establishment changes its shape and offers “high rolling friction” to that person. We all know that how long a noble gentleman can fight? After some years the friction overcomes his performance and he is dismissed fromhis “public post”. If he has strong “back muscles” then he is teased in such a way that he thinks about “retirement”. This procedure is a “habit” of our coward society from small scales to larger ones.

But now, I am observing a little different situation on the political scene of Pakistan. Asif Ali Zardari is the heir of Bhutto Family who has martyred for their “crime” to give identity to poor and depressed people of Pakistan. In the villages of Pakistan especially in Punjabi villages, it is said by local landlords and Chaudharies that they will never support Pakistan People’s Party because it is the party of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, who enabled the “Kammi” (the poor worker) to sit face to face with them on same chair level.

After the deaths of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto, the establishment’s dream about the death of PPP has not come into reality. PPP has developed it into one of the best systematic party not only in Pakistan but in the world too. It has its vote bank in every area of Pakistan. It is the sole party which has the same magnitude in all provinces of Pakistan.

Now, it is basic rule of coward people that in the enmity of any system, they criticize and disgrace the head of that system. Same is happening; Asif Ali Zardari which was the hero of the media in 2004 and 2005, who was also declared “Mard-e-Hurr” by a legend journalist of Pakistan is now being disgraced by “high level establishment” only because he is the leader of PPP.

There is attack on attack and then further attacks on attacks on the government of PPP lead by Asif Ali Zardari but he is not irritating from these coward attacks. He is looking like a man of stone muscles as he is tackling every strategy of establishment and agencies. He is not thinking of retirement as some “sympathetic people” were expecting
that he would not be able to face the storm of attacks, and would offer his retirement from politics forever.

As the establishment members are mostly business men, so high inflations are being created by establishment to dishonor the government in front of poor people of Pakistan, which are owned by PPP. “Tonga Drivers” are trying to overtake “Garhi Khuda Bakhash Express” on the hollow basis of black money given by agencies which are always hatred for PPP.

Every sensible person knows that Judiciary has become a tool in establishment’s hand as usual. Media is in the hands of foreign anti Pakistan powers. Muslim League show has started once again. Nawaz Sharif, although has not merged in APML, but the reason only is that his greed of continuing Punjab’s rule is not allowing him to join hands with APML. It was the “exhibition play” of establishment to emerge PML-N in Punjab against PPP, although after the murder of Benazir Bhutto, every voter was casting for PPP. But same “exhibition play” has become a “trap” round the neck of establishment due to greed of Nawaz Sharif which I mentioned in above line. The other reason is also that Nawaz Sharif has habit to dictate alone the whole state. That’s why he is not accepting power share with Peer Pugara, Ch. Shujat Hussain, Altaf Hussain, Imran Khan, Munawar Hassan and Parvez Musharraf.

So it is my kind advice for establishment to please fulfill the appetite of Nawaz Sharif to rule like a Saudi King, only then they will be able to cross “Garhi Khuda Bakhsh Express”! But the favors of every cobbler, blacksmith, worker with less than 6,000 pay and every poor but hardworking worker of Pakistan is with “Garhi Khuda Bakhash Express”, so, in the “glass club” of Pakistani politics League, my logo is, Go! Go! Garhi Khuda Bakhash Express!



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