Immunity of the President and Nawaz Sharif’s IQ – by Ali Raja

Nawaz Sharif is not known to have a high IQ.

“Immunity of The President will be decided by the Court.” Nawaz Sharif

Mr. Nawaz Sharif has uttered these words in the midst of the Government/Judiciary fall out. His IQ seems to be too low for a leader. He has always been dictated by others. But it is our bad luck that he has remained PM twice.

From the start of the present phase of democracy with the returning of BB and Mian Bros. he has been in the forefront of conspiracy against PPP. He has assisted the govt. in solving the problems of the masses. His no-opposition of Gillani would not stop his election as PM. NS opposed Zardari in presidential election but Zardari won with 2/3 majority. Now that his deal with KSA is coming to an eng so his dream of becoming PM for the third time has surfaced.

I want to question the intellect of the former PM. The immunity to a president has been guaranteed by the constitution. He does not need ratification by any one may it be SCP. If a president needs SCP ratification for his rights or powers what about other institutions or officials. Did NS go to SCP for exercising his powers after he became CM Punjab, or after he became PM. He still laments that he had used his constitutional power when he dismissed Parvez Musharraf. Had he asked the CJ of SCP to interpret his powers to take that action. No. he didn’t. Immunity from being dragged into courts is the Prime right of the President.

Nawaz Sharif is a liar and sycophant. He would do the same with BB had she survived and become PM again. He himself is the biggest beneficiary of BB’s assassination.

Tracing the history from 1988 he has always used negative tactics to eliminate BB from politics but he did not succeed. According to Mr. Khalid Khawaja who was killed by “Asian Tigers” [I may recall here that Nawaz Sharif had many times expressed his RESOLVE to make Pakistan AN ASIAN TIGER] Nawaz Sharif once tried to assassinate Benazir Bhutto through Ramzi Yousuf. Ramzi did try to kill Benazir on 26 July 1993 prior to 1993 elections.

Now with BB killed Nawaz Sharif is trying to create circumstances for midterm elections.



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