Voyage to Collective Suicide – Guest post by Bahadar Ali Khan

In Pakistan, people are dying, women are being butchered, children are being slaughtered by ruthless murderers and survivors are trying to figure out who is behind these attacks and blasts? A vast majority believes this is US-sponsored, India funded and Israel conceived. Who has brought Pakistani nation to a point that it has become blind? It cannot see, cannot hear and cannot comprehend. What has went wrong with us?

Enemy after every slaughter project, cries loudly, yes it is ‘me’, now face the music. No we cannot listen it. Actually we love the enemy. We are so much obsessed in its love that we readily forget one blast after other. No investigative reports, no condemnation by the media spin doctors who put their last ditch effort to make mountain out of every mole hill against the democratic governments or politicians.

Nation is being butchered everyday and the guy who has access to the camera and microphone creates doubts after doubts. Yes call Zardari bad, US very bad but Taliban or, for lack of better word, Zaliman, a single word, pin drop silence. Why?

Qazi Hussain or Munawar Hassan after a long conversation with Hikmatyar would put the phone on cradle and pick up the cell phone where a naive anchor-person would ask them, “Qazi Sahib, who do you think, can be behind this attack where ten children and 20 women have been snatched of their right to live?”. Qazi thinks hard twice, instead of saying Mansoora, he would recite his favorite rhyme,”This is Jewish lobby trying to scare us and US wants to take away our nuclear program”. To hell with the nuclear program if it cannot protect itself from a robbery. No they (Qazi etc.) are not worried, to them, the human life is a dispensable commodity. They grew up with the imagination of living in the life here-after, how can they value a human life in this world.

Public is innocent, how can they analyze. We have a whole Zia ul Haq groomed media team. The way suicide bomber is brain-washed these media fellows are actually brain-washed too. They don’t have the capacity to think anything apart from what they have read in Mutala Pakistan or Jumat Islami sponsored 80’s “Deeniat” or if somebody has reading habit which is rare in Pakistan, reads Nasim Hijazi’s fiction. The tragedy is that these guys have become opinion makers. They make palaces for theirself here but tell the general Pakistani to expect similar one after death. So die now to get one.

When death was dancing after Marriott Hotel bomb blast, Ansar Abbassi reported that US marines were transporting some boxes. People got confused and vast majority believed that it was caused by US marines. When PC Peshawar was blasted the same guy reported that PC was being acquired by US. See the theme here. Justification for every blast. I couldn’t stop myself from thinking as why this guy didn’t come up with some excuse when Meena Bazar in Peshawar was rocked with a bomb blast and most of the victims were women and children. I think he was short of ideas as how to justify that. Let me give him a hint. He should have churned out a story of some US Women were shopping Pakistani bangles and jewelry and when Mujahideen-e-Islam came to know this, they blasted ther entire women market ( meena bazar ).

Spare Abbasi, anybody bought and fed by Zia regime always comes up with this kind of crap. Because the frequency of blast has increased now, these guys have created a super villain. Black Water-XE. A villain that fits well every where. Taliban celebrate their success and take responsibility these guys even don’t discuss that and start accusing everybody except the one who accepted the responsibility.

These are the ways of nations? This is how we are going to take Pakistan forward. We have been fed with a plethora of lies. False notions of aggrandizement like we are the best and every one else is coward.

Please for God sake, open your eyes. Stop delusional behavior. Enough. Find out the blood-thirsty real enemy of Pakistan and bring them to justice.


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  1. One kind of ziaists are exploding their jackets, the other kind are justifying the explosions. har do lanat. (both are cursed)