Shia massacre in Quetta: Appeal to Pakistani leaders -by Ahsan Abbas

A New History:

The MOST DEADLY incident of terrorism in History of Pakistan, killing of 100+ people in a day in Quetta, has made another History, aided by our Government.

86 Dead Bodies of Martyrs lying in open Mothers, Fathers, Sister, Sons, Daughters of Shuhada sleeplessly sitting with their bodies in minus temperature

More than 46 Hours passed

CM Raisani escaped to some unknown destination

No Government is seen any where

President Asif Ali Zardari:

Mr President!

After each killing, your CM raises a big laughter and says

“Shall I send a truck of tissue papers to Hazara Shia Community?”

You even never bothered to give any financial compensation to the victim families

Raisani has turned Balochistan into a Qabristan

Its YOUR CHOICE Mr President, save Raisani or Save Balochistan

Chief Justice of Pakistan:

Dear Mr CJ!

You are a so kind hearted person who takes Sue Motto Action on a Slap by a lady, Sugar price, bottle of Wine, rate of Samosa and recently Shahzeb case

May be you do not read the Papers or listen to News or are too busy in deciding all the above cases

Let me tell you that a new history of genocide is being made in Quetta

You are too worried about 5 years old Lal Masjid Case

You ordered the govt to give compensation to all the “Shuhada” who took arms against the state and people and refused to acknowledge the Law of Pakistan

Could you please take any Notice of this unabated Genocide? still going on.

General Kayani:

Dear COAS!

Your “Strategic Assets” are burning the whole Pakistan

Karachi, Hangoo, Gilgit, Parachinar, DIK and most profoundly Quetta has been live burnt by Taliban, Alqaeda and Sipahe e Sahaba terrorists
operating a foreign agenda in disguise of “Islam” Who manges their release from courts?

Who makes them break the jails and run away?

Who arranges public gatherings for them without any checks to monger hate and do Mass Killings?

Welcome to your changed doctrine, I hope you stick to it, God Willing

General Zaheer ul Islam, ISI Chief


Syrian Intelligence can counter all the plots from America, Israel, Saudia, Qattar, Turkey and EU

WHY your so powerful ISI is still unable to combat Lashkar e Jhangvi?

Is Saudi Funding SO IMPORTANT that thousands of our own people could be killed and the whole country burnt like a Hell to seek it?

One Billion Dollar question to answer.

Syed Munawar Hassan of Jamaat Islami

Syed Sahib!

You always raise a very loud voice for killings in Kashmir by Hindus, God bless you

I am plunging into sea of wonder, WHY you are completely silent on Quetta Massacre?

Perhaps it is done by your “Mujahid” bhais

You are a real “Muslim” Mashallah

Imran Khan!

Thank you for coming to MWM Lahore gathering and vow to go to Quetta

You always give country wide Dharnas against Drone Attacks. WHY you become silent on Taliban Attacks on innocent people?

You always condemn Terrorism but always support the Terrorists. Did you not see central leader of your own PTI Azam Swati meeting Takfiri Deobandi terrorist of Sipah Sahaba Aurangzeb Farooqi in Karachi.

Do you still suggest “negotiations” with these Blood Thirsty Beasts on a foreign agenda?

Hussain Sey Bhi Marasam, Yazeed Ko Bhee Salam…………….. is your politics

Nawaz Sharif!

Your brother Shehbaz is directly supporting the killers of Sipah e Sahaba

“Our agenda is same as Taliban” he says

How the Pakistanis feel when your “Law” Minister roams with banned terrorist outfits?

All the terrorists are trained in South Punjab under Govt supervision and sent to do killings and suicidal attacks all over the country, especially the Balochistan

This is my Pakistan

And still we hope for a “Change” Mashallah

No hope from any leader

Allah and People save Pakistan



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