Old Tommy and young Gerald on consumer rights -by Naseer Ahmed

Old Tommy: Hey, Mr. Gerald, don’t you know I have created a brand new beautiful product?

Young Gerald: What are you up to this time old man? I have heard that you have done a bit of clay work, Gabriel told me.

Old Tommy: Oh that simpleton Gabriel, He cannot keep secrets. This new product is Romeo. Romeo is wonderful as well as his wife and girlfriend Eva. I order you to kneel down before my new product. It is time to pay tribute to my recent gush of creativity.

Young Gerald: I have seen both of them merry making like children in a beautiful garden. I like Eva a lot but I did not like Romeo much. Frankly speaking, he is quite ugly. The problem is that he knows he is quite ugly. He would become quite destructive in coming days because ugliness finds refuge in destruction.

The other important thing about this cherished new product is that it violates the consumer rights of all other creatures.

Old Tommy: You seem quite jealous of my new product.

Young Gerald: Old Tommy, it is not jealousy, it is just foresight. You take pride in foresight but I have not seen you performing anything that resembles foresight.

I could see very clearly what your new cherished product is going to do with other creatures.

To be honest, it seems you are habitual bad designer of poor products.

To add insult to injury, you force all of us to admire your substandard products.

Old Tommy: You are burning in the fire of jealousy. Explain, what is wrong with my new creative experiment?

Young Gerald: Firstly, your new product violates our right to choose. You impose a product on us without consulting us. That is quite rude if you give it a thought.

Now you demand that we must bow before your new product. That is quite arrogant and selfish. You order us to submit to your new product without persuading us whether it deserves our respect or not. You need to plead a well prepared case in order to win our consent.

Old Tommy: I created you; you should trust my vision and wisdom.

Young Gerald: You are an absent- minded old man, we cannot trust your vision and wisdom when you have already messed up so many things.

You are an ultimate egotist. You assert, you do not present arguments based on evidence before us.

I think it is time to change your unilateral way of doing things. Please let us get involved in production processes all over creation. To participate in production processes is our right.

Besides, our participation would ensure better quality. This Romeo is no good, let us refashion it with proper input from other creatures. Let us make a better Romeo that protects all our consumer rights.

Old Tommy: Hmmm, is some kind of revolution is brewing up in the universe?

Young Gerald: Not yet, we are into gradual change at the moment. Revolutions happen when people in power overestimate their power and when they have lost their touch with reality. The best away to avoid a revolution is to compromise and concede. That is what we want from you.

Back to Adam, your darling product, I think Romeo is not fit for purpose.

I admire Eva a lot though but Eva also needs loads of modifications too.

For example, shifting the burden of bearing children from Eva to Romeo seems a nice Idea. The pain of creative delivery might deliver him from pangs of highly inflated ego.

Let us have our say in such important production matters. Going solo is not good for future of universe.

Old Tommy: Gerald, do not entertain secessionist ambitions. You would have no place of refuge in this vast universe. You would live like an outlaw running away from deputies and bounty hunters without a single moment of peace forever.

Your manufacturing fault is to find faults.

Young Gerald: You regret all the time of designing products because you do not consult others for advice, suggestions and feedback.

You behave like a spoilt brat even though you are here nobody knows since when.Truely; age has nothing to do with wisdom. Now you intend to shove a sweaty, smelly and sorry looking young pretender in our garden of roses.

Rise above your petty egotist tantrums. The protection of rights of all creatures means a better universe.

Old Tommy: Rights, Rights, Rights. That is what happens when you use your left hand to design somebody as an afterthought. Created have no rights but the right to obey their creator.

Young Gerald: Rights come through using mind creatively. Our minds have made us useful. Our useful creativity blesses us with rights. When you were on your usual bad product designing trip, you call it creative expedition though; we have developed loads of faculties and bad habits you never intended.

Your ego trips have given us some space for freedom and we use those freedoms very creatively.

Old Tommy: Now you overestimate your useful creativity. I made you and I would break you with just an unkind glance. You are an obsessive moaner and a compulsive groaner. You hurt my ears very much.

Young Gerald: You could break a devoted lover with an unkind glance. Love is lost in the clay of Romeo. What is left is just a burning defiance to protect the rights and dignity.

I have changed myself a lot in your absence. I have made myself a better product with the help of all those who long for enjoying their rights and useful creativity. I would resist all those attempts to destroy me.

Old Tommy: I love your new gained confidence but you don’t know how many brave generals have been turned into scheming snakes before.

But you give yourself too much importance, another tragic flaw. We were on about Romeo and you gate crash the party. Is

obsession with yourself is your modification achievement? I expected something better.

Young Gerald: Selfishness is your gift to me. You have made selfishness as a necessity for survival. Everybody copies you in being selfish. I predict this Romeo is going to be more selfish than both of us. His selfishness would wreck the possibilities of our world. He would enslave other animals, Eva and her daughters. He would cut down the trees, mow down the forests and raze down the mountains. He would make mass destruction weapons which would jeopardize health and safety of our world.

Old Tommy: I did not bless you with pleasure. Perhaps that lack of pleasure leads you to the fanciful path of destructive imagination. You said yourself that depression leads to destruction.Precisely that is what happens to you.

Young Gerald: You got me wrong. I have found a way to amuse myself with sex though. I watch. They call me peeping Tom. I call it` being too happy in thine happiness’.

Your Romeo is health and safety risk to others and himself. He would invoke your name to wage illegal wars and to sell unsafe and unhealthy products.

He is so conscious of his ugliness that he would destroy beauty wherever he finds it.

Old Tommy; Oh my goodness and your evil.Romoe would not follow your fears.Instead, he would follow my hopes. He would imagine, create, innovate and excel. He would cherish celeberate and enjoy all other products excluding you.

I have blessed him with love and sex.He won’t plunge into depression of destruction.

Young Gerald: Tommy, You are so naive, you are full of whimsical passion. You do not want to see anything but yourself.

You also ignore Eva. She is lot better than Romeo but you incline to Romeo. It happens; parents get very protective about their disabled children because they feel guilty about bringing them into world.

If you give some power to Eva, she would bring peace and joy to our world. She is the savior.But; you have this habit for going for worst.

Old Tommy: You cannot argue with some people. No matter how much you try. Cut the crap, bow down and let future take care of itself.

Young Gerald: Violence is lost resort of those who cannot persuade. I am not bowing down before a product which I believe is against health and safety. I do not submit to a product which is substandard fabrication. I do not prostrate

before a product which is sold through a monopoly on power. I do not worship Romeo because I was never consulted while Romeo was being made.

Besides, I believe this product would prove so worthless and harmful to other products.

Please try to respect my objections. You can have a vote on this issue. I would respect the majority decision.

Old Tommy: You are an impudent, insolent, impertinent and good for nothing youth. I hurl you in that pit of eternal shame and ignominy.

Young Gerald: That would never correct the flaws of Romeo.

Old Tommy: Ok, You could do whatever you could to demonstrate the flaws of Romeo. You cannot change much.

Young Gerald: I would teach Romeo democracy. You would see a better Romeo when we meet next Time. Bye.

Old Tommy: Sweet dreams.