Has Tahirul Qadri the required mandate to enforce his agenda? -by Syed Jaffer

The area highlighted in the picture is the ground around Minare Pakistan. Exact area calculated by using the raster image and Auto CAD is 0.4 square kilometer.

Alternatively the area is forty three lac five thousand nine hundred and eighty four square feet i.e. 43,05,984 sq ft. Bare minimum area required by single individual in a jam-packed crowd comes to 4 square feet.

If we consider that every single inch of the ground was populated with people there cannot be more than 10,76,496 persons on the ground at one single instant.

There could never be 100% population in the ground, there are around 20 % small structures flower beds and trees, the participants claimed is highly exaggerated.

If we consider there to be around four hundred thousand ignorant that blindly follow the Canadian clown that makes about maximum 4 constituencies for electioneering.

I feel sorry that anchors on media have been misguiding common people to change the popular opinion. They go into hibernation whenever there is a dictator usurping the power. A few articles in Urdu dailies compares Tahirul Qadri with Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari. Wish these writers had the capability to differentiate the situations the three individuals in question were in while they were in exile. Qadri the Sancho Panza was not forced into exile by any dictator.

With Constitution, to follow, why the print and electronic media is trying to focus that the move by Qadri is of any benefit to the common Pakistani. The crowd that Qadri collected at Minare Pakistan was from all over the country. If ever Qadri contests election I can guarantee that he will not be able to win more than 2 seats. If we consider the strength of all his exposed and hidden alleys they won’t be able to form a workable coalition. Right now I don’t see capability in any
other leader to run a coalition that Zardari has demonstrated.



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