Lal Mosque: General Musharraf’s greatest achievement

By Omar Khattab

Pakistan’s overwhelmingly right-wing media and politicians have been condemning General Musharraf for taking action against the Islamofascists of the Lal Mosque. Even Chaudhury Shujat and Mushahid Hussain who were more pro-Musharraf during Musharraf’s presidency than the man himself have also claimed that they were never in favour of the now-notorious Lal Mosque action in which a few Islamofascists were killed.

General Musharraf did a lot of bad things. He broke law with impunity. He even violated the constitution of Pakistan (but with the support of his fellow generals and civilian ministers). But his action against the Islamofascist mullahs will be remembered as a glorious act of dealing with an evil which threatened to destroy Pakistan. This makes him Napoleonic.

The Lal Mosque men and women had created a state within a state. They began to occupy public places at will. They kidnapped Pakistani and foreign nationals including Pakistani policemen. The Ghazi brother, the two mullahs who were given the possession of the mosque by no less a person than General Zia, began to act as emperors of Pakistan giving order and defy laws of the land. In any sovereign country this cannot happen under any circumstance. A state within a state is impossible. The only way to end the state within a state is to destroy it. By ordering destruction of the Lal Mosque terrorists General Musharraf invoked the constitution of Pakistan which says that high treason is the greatest crime in Pakistan. Perhaps the Lal Mosque is the greatest achievement of Musharraf for which he can be forgiven all his crimes even his own suspension of the constitution.

One hopes that those who have become blind in their
hatred of Musharraf will take a fresh look at his great victory at Lal Mosque.



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