People’s revolution – by Red Dawn‏

If we look at the torrent of events in Pakistan, specially in the last couple of years. Death and misery seems to be the only constant. Be it of target killings, factory fires, floods, accidents, military operations, death is in the air, a never ending dilemma of this decadent social order. People die, like cockroaches. The ugly, belated capitalism has been a sorry faced phenomena in the last 65 years, but as the latest global recession had hit the World markets with never before seen force, structural cracks of Pakistani Capitalism have been magnified,not that the situation in the rest of the third World is any better, but here due to the reliance on foreign aid and in result the proxy wars being played out, things have been highly dramatic over here. With every setup, every institution fighting over the spoils of alms of their masters.

If we try to sort out an explanation of matters, no political party has been able to give an alternative, everybody taking the digestible reformist positions to stay in consensus with the Imperialists. While the people are desperately looking for radical changes and solutions. Here lies the role of Pakistan Peoples Party that it has to play, it can not side with fascist tendencies like MQM over a left leaning ANP, it has to take a step towards the pro people’s politics it was based on, rather than taking impotent policies and reformist steps. Capitalism has deemed a failure in Post Colonial countries and with the current state of affairs. Serious reforms are opium for the philanthropists and nothing more than that. The current infrastructure of Pakistan has no room for making radical changes. The GDP’s, the, role of military in economics, the so motto’s are only spilling salt on the already suffering masses. The failure of belated Pakistani Bourgeoisie to create the infrastructural requirement for capitalism and has rendered an ugly faced capitalism. It has horribly failed to create a modern Capitalist state on National lines and the agonizing sectarian conflicts further highlight that impotence.

Same, was the case in the Bolshevik revolution in the October of 1917, the revolution that changed the course of history, but the Bolshevik leadership had a clear cut program for a class less society, Pakistan Peoples Party was based on that Bolshevik ideology, it swept the highly organized martial-law of General Ayub Khan because of the revolutionary program it offered. People came after “Rotti, Kapra aur Makaan” to fulfill there needs, the 1968-69 revolutionary upsurge was nothing more than the strive of the masses to bring fore a leap in the social order to meet their demands and a freedom from their sufferings. We are living in a era of revolutionary upsurges, the masses are learning in days what they would have normally learnt in decades and Peoples Party and it’s leadership will have to switch back to the revolutionary stance it was created upon, it will have to become the revolutionary party it was. Because one way or the other, the masses will sweep across these false gods in shape of these rodent like generals, feudal’s and Capitalists and this time it will be a people’s revolution, a revolution that will not stop, a permanent revolution indeed!