Dr Mubashir Hasan: Establishment’s latest pawn in the ‘war on democracy’

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Birds of a feather flock together. This phrase comes to mind when one finds the notorious and most loyal agent of the anti-democracy establishment Roedad Khan and the President of PPP (Ghinwa Bhutto Group) Dr Mubashir Hasan together acting as agents of anti-democracy establishment in the current political milieu in Pakistan.

Here are some elements of Dr Mubashir Hasan’s personality which are worth a read:

President of a failed political party which is currently supported by the anti-democracy establishment

He is the President of PPP Shaheed Bhutto (Ghinwa Bhutto) Group. Everyone in Sindh and entire Pakistan knows that this party was created by the establishment to divide PPP.  The people of Pakistan foiled this conspiracy by rejecting this trojan horse along with its leaders Ghinwa Bhutto and Dr Mubashir Hasan.

Contrast Dr Mubashir Hasan’s participation in the Ghinwa Bhutto gang with his following statement on Murtaza Bhutto’s murder:

“As per Ghazali’s Book The Fourth Republic Chapter IX While the people speculated about the motives behind the killing of Mir Murtaza Bhutto, Dr. Mubashir Hasan, a former Finance Minister and a founder member of the PPP, was very blunt in his remarks: “For those whohave removed Murtaza from our midst, the real problem has been and is Prime Minister Benazir. As long as Murtaza was alive, removing Benazir carried unacceptable risks. Murtaza could take over the mantle of the elder Bhutto’s legend. Else Murtaza and Benazir would be striving for a common cause, separately or jointly. That would have presented formidablepolitical problems. Murtaza gone, the way is clear. Benazir stands perilously weakened. She is the next to go. Such are the brutal pathways of realpolitik.” [Dawn 25.9.1996.]

A Taliban apologist

The Taliban and others of their ilk are getting bolder by the day with their successful forays in the settled districts of the NWFP. The government is determined to strike a hard blow against them before starting negotiations, not realising that this strategy does not work in modern times. It failed in Lebanon against the Hezbollah, in Afghanistan against the Mujahideen, in Palestine against the Intifada, and in Suharto’s Indonesia with respect to East Timor, besides other places. It is failing in Iraq and had spectacularly failed in Vietnam.


Hater of Benazir Bhutto. Terms popular protests at Benazir Bhutto’s martyrdom as acts of plunder and looting

The behaviour of criminal elements at the time of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination last month in some parts of the country has to be pondered over. All kinds of shops, especially those of jewellery, and banks were freely looted. Police stations were attacked and prisoners freed from lockups. Damage to the railways alone amounted to $20bn as trains, engines, railway stations were set on fire and the signalling system severely damaged. On the Karachi-Multan and Shikarpur-Sukkur highways, scores of trucks were looted and burnt down. The criminals had brought their own trucks to carry away the plunder. The perpetrators comprising small bands which sprouted out of nowhere in Sindh and in some cities of the Punjab did not operate under any central command.


Terms Pervez Musharraf’s tenure as the best in Pakistan’s history

Musharraf better than other presidents, Dr Mubashar Hassan
Wednesday, December 05, 2007

ISLAMABAD: Dr Mubashar Hassan, the founding member of Pakistan People’s Party, has said that no change has taken place in the country’s politics over the past 60 years. He said that the tenure of President Musharraf was better when compared to the past regimes.

Talking to a channel, he said numerous experiments were conducted during this period with no positive results. During the past six decades, six presidents were removed, 12 prime ministers were dismissed, two were assassinated and 10 parliaments were dissolved.

Dr Mubashir said that an assortment of civilians, capitalists, landlords, merchants, lawyers and bureaucrats ruled the country during this period but the status quo in politics could not be removed.

To a question, he said the tenure of President Musharraf was better when compared with the past regimes.


Sees judiciary (bureaucracy) as saviour; condemns politicians and military alike

LAHORE: Pakistan People’s Party (Shaheed Bhutto) President Dr Mubashir Hasan has urged the Supreme Court to play its role in streamlining the affairs of the country.

‘The Supreme Court and lawyers are the only force left that can drive the country out of crises,’ he said at a press conference here on Thursday.

He said the present civil system of governance under the political leadership, including the parties in opposition, was not capable of delivering. A military takeover as in the past was far from a possible solution. ‘If tried it is bound not to succeed with irreparable damage to our defence capability,’ he said.

‘The legislature has consistently failed to perform its duty and the executive has overstepped its limits again and again. In this situation only the Supreme Court of Pakistan can come to the rescue and initiate a process that will reconstruct the state.’

‘Through the awakened community of lawyers, the power of the people can be mobilised to resurrect the power of the state.’

He demanded that the court should order the arrest of all politicians and senior bureaucrats who were accused of corruption during the last 20 years and also bar them from contesting the next general election. The people of Pakistan, he said, would hail the court and rally behind it as a formidable power.

Pakistan needed fresh general election as well as a caucus of the four provinces to decide what executive power and authority they would like to cede to the federation, Dr Hasan stressed while concluding his talk.

Dawn, 27 Nov 2009


Condemns political parties; remains silent on military and civil bureaucracy

The main political parties and their leaderships are undermining the existence of Pakistan.

Over the years, they have failed to understand that the state of Pakistan is unraveling. The administrative structure of the state is no longer capable of ensuring the performance of the basic duties of the state, mainly the protection of life, property and dignity of the people, dispensation of justice to all citizens as equals, semblance of equitability in the distribution of wealth and assuring a sense of belonging to the Balochs, Pashtuns, Sindhis and Punjabis that the Government at Islamabad is their Government.

9 June 2009

Calls for mid-term elections

LAHORE – PPP (Shaheed Bhutto) Punjab President and former finance minister Dr Mubashir Hassan has called for midterm election and urged the President of Pakistan to fulfil his constitutional obligation in this regard.
Addressing the press conference at his resident here on Thursday Dr Mubashir Hasan issued a statement on the behalf of Ms Ghinwa Bhutto, Chairperson PPP (SB), saying that in passing the recent budget through a unanimous vote, the National Assembly has forfeited its right to continue as the National Assembly under the Constitution. It should be dissolved and new elections held.

He said through this budget, the NA has given a reprieve of Rs 2,000-2,500 billion to the rich and affluent and robs Rs 600 billion from the pocket of the poor and indigent and in doing so wantonly it violated Article 3 of the Constitution.

17 July 2009


Mubashar Hasan, petitioner against the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO), speaks to the media along with his lawyers Abdul Hafiz Pirzada (L) and Salman Akram Raja (R) after the Supreme Court of Pakistan announced its decision outside the court building in Islamabad, December 16, 2009. — Reuters

Files petition against the NRO along with Roedad Khan

SC hears anti-NRO petitions from 7th
tanvir siddiqi

Islamabad— Supreme Court will start hearing the petitions against the National Reconciliation Ordinance from Dec 7.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry has set up a larger bench of the apex court to hear the pending petitions against NRO.

These petitions were filed by former Finance Minister in ZAB Government Dr Mubashir Hasan and a former top bureaucrat Roedad Khan, It is quite likely that the Chief Justice will himself head the larger bench to hear the petitions against NRO.



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