Latest Lahore Incident‏, By Amjad Rashid

After the cruel incidence of Buttar village Sialkot, another instance
has happened in Fruit Market Lahore some hours before. A man was
alleged as thief in fruit market by some hawkers and middle men in
fruit market and they caught the man. Instead of giving the man to the
police, they began to hit him with rods and stones badly. They got
total control over him and did fierce attacks on him. After some time
the “so called thief” was dead due to violence by the men of fruit
market. The owner of fruit market Tahir was then informed who came
soon to the spot but the killers ran away before he reached there. He
at once informed Police and gave the dead body to the Police.
According to people gathering at the dead body of that person, there
were great wounds and cuts on his body and he was beaten cruelly.

I am simply stunned by the incident of Buttar village in Sialkot,
which was heart shaking. All over the world, people were sad to see
the video of that incident and many video sharing websites on the
internet deleted or refused to put that video because that video was
simply extreme of violence. Now it was already very difficult time for
Pakistan because of heavy floods but now these sequences of violence
have been started which is damaging national honor of Pakistan in all
over the world.

Now from this 2nd incident today, the gentlemen of Pakistan are not
considering them safe. The element of violence and torture is
spreading highly in our society. We as a nation only can criticize
government and officials but we are ourselves not a civilized people.
The entire world is witnessing our thoughts and ideas that are not
only extreme but full of violence and torture which is emerging in our
societies daily.

Media has only one thing to do that is criticizing president Zardari
while they are not aware of their real responsibilities. Media should
make awareness in our societies through different ways to reduce
extremist from our societies. Government can’t assign for each
Pakistani a policeman separately and we have seen in Sialkot incident
video that police is also not exempted. So it is our own
responsibility to stop the violence and finish extremism from our
thoughts. The people involved in Sialkot incident and in today’s
incident should must be punished.

I have also one more suggestion that the people do these tortures on
the basis of money which they have in abundant while the person victim
of their torture is always poor as compared to them. So it is the need
of the time that along with the punishment, court should also snap
total properties and money from such people so that other people in
our society may got a lesson and we can make our society a better
place for living for both poor and the rich.



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