An appeal from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa – by Zubair Torwali

Flooding in Swat: BBC

The situation in upper Swat, Swat Kohistan (Bahrain, Mankiyal, Kalam, Utror) is alarming as the people have now run out of food and medicine but the mainstream media in Pakistan takes it granted whosoever tells them that that much ration has been distributed in the area. This behavior is misleading and devastating as looking at that the humanitarian agencies would let loose their activities in the area and consequently abandon the people.

The narrow valley of Swat Kohistan has cut off into two mountain ranges leaving no bridge intact. The poor people are now at the mercy of the state of pakistan and its powerful institutions.

They are virtually living in a Stone Age. The floods have pushed the already backward area to 1900.

Kindly do focus this area and is people so as to avoid a human tragedy.

To donate to Pakistan flood relief:
Edhi Foundation

Mobile Donations

For those who want to donate to the relief effort, a simple text message pledges either $5 or $10. To donate:

For Central Asia Institute, text the word CAI to 50555 to give $10. Central Asia Institute provides community-based education opportunities in Pakistan & Afghanistan.

For CHF International, text the word PAKISTAN to 50555 to give $5. CHF International will provide transitional shelter, create livelihoods, and ultimately re-build Pakistan’s economic and social foundations.

For Islamic Society of North America, text the word RELIEF to 27722 to give $10. The Islamic Society of North America contributes to the betterment of the Muslim community and society at large.

For UNHCR, text the word SWAT to 50555 to give $10. UNHCR emergency response teams are distributing tents, relief supplies, and humanitarian assistance to people displaced by the flooding.

For World Food Programme USA, text the word AID to 27722 to give $10. WFP will use helicopters to transport food to people in isolated communities across the Swat Valley.

For World Emergency Relief, text the word RESCUE to 50555 to give $10. Rescue Task Force is a San Diego County based non-profit relief agency that responds to natural and man-made disasters world-wide.

For Zakat Foundation of America, text the work ZAKATUS to 50555 to give $10. Zakat Foundation has begun to address the immediate needs of flood survivors by providing food and clothing in four key Pakistani districts.

A diary of the floods in Pakistan’s Swat Valley (Source BBC):
Many residents in the Swat Valley were still recovering from last year’s bloody conflict with the Taliban when disaster struck again.

Torrential monsoons hit Pakistan at the end of July, causing devastating floods.

Thousands of homes have been destroyed and the entire Swat Valley was cut off at the weekend with even helicopters unable to reach the people left homeless.

Newly-married reporter Adnan Rashid lives in Mingora, a city in one of Pakistan’s worst affected areas. For Outlook he has been keeping an audio diary describing the impact of the flood waters on his and his neighbours’ lives.

Adnan’s own father witnessed one of the vital road bridges being washed away. He describes seeing precious goods, like washing machines and fridges full of food floating away.

He tells Matthew Bannister about his own observations and how he and his new bride feel about the future.

Listen to Adnan’s audio diary and interview with Matthew Bannister



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