Status of current media in PAKISTAN-Faraz Ahmed Jarral

Largest teams of news and news agencies are based in Pakistan, we can say that Media we have is the strongest instrument and pillar now a days.

What is the major function of the media ? To provide facts with figures, happenings, promotion of the country’s image.

What Pakistani Media is doing?

Copying Indian media which exponentially grew a decade earlier indulge in making news rather than reporting  to increase viewer ship in pursuit of better rating. Promoting negativity, showing controversies and violence which is not to be shown as per ethics. But who cares, our media is running in a marathon where every channel wants to get first on the screen and create there own news.

There are so many events which places every day or so but they are totally neglected by media such as Educational policies, functions, student activities and so on.

Pakistan has more other industries and sectors to show rather than holding up politicians and politics all day long on every channel.

We are the largest sports manufacturers in the world but we do not brand them, our surgical equipments are exported to all over Europe without branding and that’s what other countries are using our products with their names. Made in Pakistan become something else. Media have to highlight these issues, give awareness to the citizens but nothing is happening.

There are few statements about Pakistan from the world, and I blame Pakistani Media because what ever they show on the channel is viewed by the world.

Image of Pakistan in Global Media :

  • Pakistan is the international migraine, says Madeline Albright (Former US Secretary of State, CNN)
  • The most dangerous nation in the world isn’t Iraq, its Pakistan ( Magazine NEWSWEEK)
  • Its difficult to see international cricket in Pakistan in future. ICC

While other countries are using their media to promote their image.

India is also a victim of terrorism of hindu fundamentalism in growing disparity between the rich and the poor but there are also good things which the Indian media has used to promote a soft image of a country as “Incredible India”

During the Asian financial crises 1997, Thailand’s booming economy came to a halt and there was massive unemployment but Thai economy has now recovered and country is finally free from debt.

This point could have gone against the country but their media didn’t create hype over it and they continue promoting their country.

Pakistani media has to show the wider and a greater image of the country rather than making PAKISTAN fun in front of the world. It should promote the fact that the glass is half full, not half empty! Must highlight success stories, national and local role models in our society and country.



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