“Point Scoring on National Issues” – by Riaz Ali Toori


It is unfortunate that the leadership of Pakistan leave no stone unturned in defaming each other for political interests. We see Pakistani politicians cohesive hardly ever and only when on some grand dinner or lunch they come together to pronounce some “Promises”.

One of my friends says “you will see all political parties together in opposition when it comes to PPP and Zardari”. It gives clear message to the true Jayyalas to be united for the well being of Pakistan and PPP.

Currently Pakistan is passing through ill-fated situation of its history. Country is under great threat of natural disasters and terrorism. Our brave soldiers, common men, women and children are being killed both in natural disasters and terrorism. Brave men like KP’s Information Minister Mian Iftikhar gives his only son sacrifice but can’t bow before terrorists. We need political leaders brave like Mian Iftikhar who can give their lives but can’t compromise over the surveillance of Pakistan and Pakistani public.

Mian Nawaz Sharif done well by visiting victims of flood but sad instead he had to heal the wounds of victims by soft sympathetic words; he targeted the President’s UK visit. While Mr. President is on his official visit for the well being of Pakistan in order to divert the attentions of international community toward the ill-fated situation of Pakistan.

David Cameron’s statement has hurt Pakistani people greatly who are sacrificing since the first day of “war on terror”. President Zardari is in UK to make lucid Pakistani position in war on terror “face to face’ in meetings with UK’s officials. Similarly wherever CM Shehbaz goes, more than words for victims, he blames the President and PPP’s government. They both ignore the ground reality and push behind the pitiful condition of mourned people. Instead of mobilizing the government machinery, volunteers and social work organizations, the PML-N adopted an immature and inflammatory
attitude of turning the situation into political campaign.

Publicizing national issues and disasters must not part of political game. Inciting plots the time when President is prosecuting the case of Pakistan before international community would remember as a darker chapter in Pakistan political history.

PML-N’s main target has always been remained the President Asif Ali Zardari. In fact the PML-N was expecting a severe revenge from Mr. Zardari for physical and psychological tortures they had given to him when PMLN was in rule. But Mr. Zardari policy of reconciliation in the major interest of Pakistan especially to strengthen the nascent democracy turned the revengeful politics of Pakistan into tranquility and love.

Turning the flood relief camps into political campaign is worst than anything.

No one inside Pakistan could expect that our opposition can go to such a dangerous extent in defaming political opponents.

Sensible know that President Zardari is on a mission to bring happiness, prosperity and good image to Pakistan. President Asif Ali Zardari made a heartfelt appeal to the international community on Thursday to extend significant support for the flood victims of his country. He expressed his feelings of gratitude. The appeal was made during a meeting with the British Home Secretary Theresa May.

Co-Chairman PPP President Zardari expressed his gratitude to the British government for providing Five Million pounds financial aid. Mr. Zardari frankly said “keeping in view the magnitude of the flood and scale of devastation in Pakistan much more international assistance was required on an emergency basis”.

President Zardari said there was a need to streamline the process of obtaining UK visas, particularly for students and businessmen. May assured the president that she would get in touch with the related authorities to address the issue.

The president calls attention to the need for international support in the field of economic development, particularly for creating employment opportunities for the youth. He also called for supporting Pakistan for enhancing trade by providing access to Pakistani goods in international markets, particularly the European Union.



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