The matchless courage of Rana Maqbool – by Hakim Hazik

Rana Maqbool tortured Asif Ali Zardari under instructions from Nawaz Sharif and General Hamid Gul - Source:

Source: Justice Denied PK

Justice Iftikhar of the Lahore High Court has struck a blow for democracy. He has granted a bail before arrest to the selfless civil servant and policeman par excellence, Rana Maqbool Ahmed, formerly of Sind Police department and currently in charge of public prosecution in the Punjab.

This kind-hearted and mild mannered gentleman has always put duty before personal benefit and national service before self interest. However has never given any quarter to the enemies of the state and has always been unflinching and steadfast in upholding the rule of law.

That is the reason that he has been the bane of antisocial elements across the length and breadth of the country. He shot to prominence in 1999, when he slashed the tongue of a known and habitual offender, Asif Ali alias Zardari of Nawab Shah. This was done in a spirit of a scientifically conducted police enquiry, without any trace of personal animosity or desire for material gain. Only the best, the sharpest and carefully sterilised razor blades, available in the market were used. The enquiry was conducted in the presence of highly qualified medical personnel in a meticulously controlled and safe environment.

It should be noted that the accused was known to have belonged to a long line of public offenders, the chief among them, Zulfiqar Ali alias Bhutto of Naudero, who had been brought to justice by the greatest of the jurists to have rested his impartial, pious and just bottom on this august bench, the late Mr. Justice Maulvi Mushtaq Hussain (May God’s everlasting blessings be upon him).

The news of this historic bail before arrest spread across the city like wildfire. There is jubilation in Lahore especially in GOR 1. The city has been lit up like a Christmas tree. People have thronged the streets and are joining the widespread celebrations to pay homage to our fearless and independent judicial system.

The Chief Justice, Khawaja Mohammad Sharif, addressed a large rally of adoring crowds in Hafizabad and told them that the discredited and defunct PPP should leave the Punjab Government, if they have any semblance of respect for public sentiment and any feeling of responsibility towards the rule of law.

There is always a danger that our enemies can miscalculate and try and infiltrate the holy land of GOR. We are determined that we will defend the sanctity of GOR with the blood of our young men. Fortifications are going up on the Mall and Jail Road and special forces are keeping an eagle eye on all entering and leaving the estate. At the slightest hint of trouble, the CM’s helicopter, armed with sasti rotis, will be scrambled.

Our friends and allies in the South of Punjab have been alerted to a possible misadventure from the direction of Sind, an area historically known for bandits and enemies of Islam such as Raja Dahir.

We will not give any quarter to Raja Dahir or Raja Riaz.


Express, 23 July 2010



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