Sexual Assault- by Faraz Jarral

In the present period of time sexual abuse in country is increased by 9.4% according to the sources. With extreme pain and anguish, I express my outrage and resentment over state of affairs where women and girls are being murdered, kidnapped and subjected to various forms of violence like gang rapes.

In past 1 week there are three brutal cases we noticed which were directed to forceful gang rapes across the rural and urban areas of Sindh and Punjab. A 50 year old victim from Larkana, mother of 8 children, raped by a group of 7 out of 2 was police constables.

22 years old victim, Dr Farida Mobin a trainee nurse of Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center Karachi was sexually assaulted by the doctor and 3 of his fellow when they forcefully took her to an apartment and tried to rape when she jumped out of the window to escape.

Most shameful and cruel incident was a gang rape of a 10 year innocent girl by 5 raving mad people left the victim unconscious and in severe pain. Poor parents and her relatives were in grief as we as a nation feels the same for her. Case FIR is registered against the suspects but no action is still taken from the police officials.

Where we have women supporting NGO’s, Ministries for women rights, developing rehabilitation programmes for female victims of violence but I am afraid that law enforcement agencies are sleeping and hiding from threats of terrorism but who is responsible for the daily increment of this crime? This is a BIG question mark for all the sources, law and security agencies.

The measures need to be in place for a longer time. This is the duty of police and judiciary to deal with these problems which needs prompt actions so women feel safe as a house.



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