Tahira Abdullah Arrested: A Talibanic Analysis

Tahira Abdullah: Marching for the restoration of CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry along with Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Imran Khan, Aitzaz Ahsan and Nawaz Sharif

Tahira Abdullah: The Pakistani right-wing enjoys a free ride upon the shoulders of the left-wing?

HR activist Tahira Abdullah arrested and released

March 11, 2009

ISLAMABAD: Human rights activist Tahira Abdullah was arrested on Wednesday. Talking to Geo News, Tahira said she had been arrested from her house under 16 MPO for 90 days. However, she was released within hours.



The Taliban supporters are justifiably crying ‘human rights’ over the arrest of Tahira Abdullah. According to a Taliban apologist news paper, The News (Editorial, 12 March 2009):

“In Islamabad and Rawalpindi, the action seems to have been even more vicious, with police goons arresting a prominent human rights activist after bursting violently into her home. Though Tahira Abdullah was released after a few hours – the message is clear: The Zardari administration has laid aside all pretence of following democratic practice or even the mere norms of civilized conduct and has reacted in a manner that would make many bloodthirsty dictators proud.”

The same narrative was repeated by Ansar Abbasi, Hamid Mir and Mosharraf Zaidi. It is so heartening to see that visible and implicit supporters of the Taliban are at least resorting to democracy and human rights to justify their sacrifices in the noble ’cause’ of the restoration of CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry.

To my pro-Taliban brothers and sisters of the right wing, to all those who are shedding crocodile’s tears on Tahira Abdullah’s arrest and her ‘mazloomiat’, you may like to see the true “anti-Islam” and “anti-Pakistan” face of Tahira Abdullah (borrowing the right-wing terminology).

The following are only a few of her long list of crimes:

First crime:

Tahira Abdullah (TA) is a CIA agent because she is against Taliban’s sharia. Watch the following episode of Capital Talk 16 February 2009 (hosted by Maulana Hamid Mir):


Watch carefully between minute 7:00 and 11:00; also at 22:00.

She equates the Swat Peace Agreement of 2009 with the surrender of Dacca in 1971. What a traitor, anti-Islam, anti-Pakistan this woman is.

Second crime:

Tahira says that Taliban “are brutal. They’re killing, beheading people, hanging up dead bodies”.


Third crime:

TA says that the Pakistan Government is complacent in the Taliban’s brutalities.

The targeting of girls’ schools shows an anti-women bias by the militants, who advocate an extreme following of a version of Islamic law, according to Islamabad-based human rights activist Tahira Abdullah. She adds it’s almost as if the Taliban does not want women to exist.” And if they do exist, they need to be within the four walls of their house compound; they need to be veiled,” she said. Abdullah is blunt in her assessment of the situation.” Right now, Swat Valley is under the control of the Taliban,” she said. “They are knocking on the doors of Peshawar, and I have no doubt they will be knocking on the doors of Islamabad if the government continues the complacency they are showing right now.”


Fourth crime:

Tahira Abdullah is against religious schools (madrassas).

In her own words:

“We demanded that the general check and control the madrassas. In these religious schools little boys are indoctrinated with hate propaganda and a jihadi mentality to wage war in Afghanistan and Indian-occupied (sic) Kashmir.

“Since Musharraf had to pass the 17th amendment, he struck a deal with these mullahs. So a question arises in the minds of people like me: Which one is the real Pervez Musharraf? Can the real Musharraf please stand up? He is speaking from both sides of his mouth. He talks about moderation and takes on Islamic terrorism and extremism in front of the world media. After 9/11 he has been talking about joining the coalition against terrorism which has taken up a fight against Osama (bin Laden). At the same time he is cutting a deal with anti-American mullahs and religious parties who are fanning jihadis.

“The saddest part is that from now on the mullah-military nexus, which is anything but liberal, will be funded by the Americans. The Americans are back in full swing in Pakistan. To America, democracy in Pakistan is not a priority. They are serving their self-interest at the expense of Pakistani women’s rights and the rights of the minorities and secular people. But I am sure this game will have to end.


Fifth crime:

TA is a bay-purdah (veil-less) woman who freely intermixes with the na-mehram men. Furthermore, she works for an NGO which is ‘haram’ (forbidden) in the Taliban’s sharia.


Sixth crime:

Tahira Abdullah loves the following un-Islamic song. Barbie Girl. La hol wal….

Possible Punishment in Talibani Sharia?

Since, it is now evident that Tahira Abdullah is a traitor of Islam and Pakistan, any suggestions for a befitting Islamic punishment?

Right-wingers, speak up, NOW!!!!

Some past examples from the Taliban Sharia Court:


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