“Nawaz Again in Wrong Company” – PPP ups the ante

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The PPP has upped the ante for Nawaz Sharif by questioning him about his motives. MNS goes into a cocoon for some time, only to wake up from his hibernation and make statements which are not statesman like. It is in indeed true that Nawaz Sharif has not learned anything from the past. PPP’s Fauzia Wahab has raised this important point that “Why Nawaz Sharif always needs someone’s shoulder; like (this time) of lawyers or judges to do politics? Why he does not trust himself?”. Yesterday, I also heard Babar Awan term the long march as “Prado March”. It was also heartening to note that after all the hoo-haa, balanced and liberal minded columnists are now chiding the complaints on the distribution of funds to bar councils. Munnoo Bhai has written an article on the topic of political bribery titled “Essakhel ka washroom” which is a must read.

I personally feel that the Local Government elections should be help as early as possible to completely expose the popularity of the PML-N and all these awami parties in Pakistan. At the end of the day, what matters more is your popularity amongst public through votes. It is high time that PML-N also does a little bit of soul searching and it can only happen if Nawaz Sharif brings about a little change in his outlook.

“Nawaz Again in Wrong Company” –

Dawn, June 30, 2010

LAHORE, June 30: The Pakistan People’s Party apprehends PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif is again “playing in the hands of anti-democratic forces” that want to topple an elected government.

“Mr Sharif must not forget that at the end of the day he too will get nothing. Has he forgotten and learnt nothing from Oct 12, 1999 coup as he is indirectly inviting the army,” PPP central information secretary MNA Fauzia Wahab said while talking to Dawn on Wednesday.

She reacted over elder Sharif’s statement that it was time to take a decision as he had serious reservation about how the government was being run.

“This person has learnt no lesson from the past,” she commented.

“Why Nawaz Sharif always needs someone’s shoulder; like (this time) of lawyers or judges to do politics? Why he does not trust himself?” she asked.

She said Nawaz had been very critical of the PPP government (especially with regard to its alleged corruption) since it came to power but he never disclosed the worth of his own assets.

“I would like to ask him will he mind telling the people of Pakistan how much he has contributed to the national exchequer (in taxes). How did the Sharif family become billionaire as it had a small iron foundry back in 1947,” she said.

“When the Sharifs left for Saudi Arabia after striking a deal with dictator Musharraf, will he tell us how he managed to have a huge investment to establish business there,” she asked.

Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani had earlier asked Fauzia Wahab ‘not to speak a word’ against the Sharifs after a complaint by Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. But since the political temperature is soaring with Nawaz Sharif’s statement, which the sources say has “upset” President Asif Ali Zardari, the PPP leadership has apparently given a ‘go-ahead’ to the party’s outspoken members to respond in a ‘befitting’ manner.

In Punjab, Senior Minister Raja Riaz has been tasked to come up with a ‘tit-for-tat’ response to party’s harsh critics. Besides, PPP Punjab acting president Samiullah Khan and information secretary Dr Fakharuddin Chaudhry, spearheaded by Governor Salmaan Taseer, also do not seem to be in the mood to spare any loose delivery by the PML-N government.

Fauzia Wahab further inquired: “From where the money has come for a palatial house built on 1,700 acres in Raiwind.

And now the Sharifs are using Rs21 billion from the exchequer to build a road to their palace.” She also smelled a rat in ‘sudden activeness of judiciary’ over the issue of fake degrees of parliamentarians.

“Why anybody did not bother to examine the degrees of the candidates at the time of the general elections 2008? Why now?

It seems that efforts are again being made to malign politicians in general and parliamentarians in particular,” she argued.

Raja Riaz said: “It is a historic fact that Nawaz Sharif had not only served as Ziaul Haq’s man in the past but also attacked the Supreme Court. Nawaz Sharif has a deep desire to become prime minister again and for the purpose he may demand mid- term polls shortly”.—Zulqernain Tahir



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