Convicted teacher of terror training acquitted by whom? Justice Khwaja Sharif

"Come to my court, I'll give you freedom"

When in times of despair, turn to your biggest ally. That is what religious extremists are doing. Who else to turn to? Our azad adliya and if you have the likes of Justice Khwaja Sharif listening to your case, be ready to smell the free air. An already convicted terrorist has been acquitted. Well done Khwaja Sharif. Let us also have Sufi Mohammad of Tehrik-e-Nifaz Shariat-e-Mohammadi be presented in his court.


Teacher acquitted of terror training

Dawn 30th June, 2010

LAHORE, June 29: A Lahore High Court division bench on Tuesday acquitted a schoolteacher convicted of training students for carrying out terrorist activities.

An anti-terrorism court of Sargodha had convicted Muhammad Rafique, a government schoolteacher of Khushab, handing him down five-year imprisonment, besides Rs50,000 fine.

The prosecution had alleged Rafique had set up a private religious madressah where he imparted terrorism training to students. The convict, through his counsel, pleaded he was framed in a fake case at the behest of his rivals. He said the prosecution could not produce any cogent evidence against him and also failed to prove his link with any defunct organisation.

He said the madressah where he was accused of training terrorists was still functional and no such activity could be proved against it.

It was further pleaded the police registered a case against the appellant only on suspicion as he had no criminal record even.

The bench comprising Chief Justice Khwaja Muhammad Sharif and Justice Waqar Hasan Mir, admitting the arguments of the counsel, set aside sentence of the appellant and ordered his release.—Staff Reporter



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