The fake degrees issue – by Fawad Manzoor

Choudhry Nisar aka PML-N leader in the national assembly aka Raiwind brother aka industrialist seems to be getting his wish.

Judiciary is the new tool for establishment and army to destabilize young democracy in Pakistan. For last sixty years establishment has used army against democracy in the name of “corruption” and then put forward judges as “Back Up team” to legitimize illegitimate steps taken by the boots against constitution.

The new democratic set up lead by PPP is not digested very well by almost all the power brokers of the country. PPP a party of poor is already on the target list of Industrialist then we have media a new entrant in the power equation is heavily financed by Industrialist. Media has lost its un biased reporting. They are hell bent upon trying to protect the muscle flexing of Judiciary and establishment along with Taliban ideology.

Whole country had been tormented by the SC decision in Zafar Ali Shah case (May 2000) then LFO and the so called 17th amendment. This whole media and civil society jumped up and down about the draconian laws of Musharraf regime but now we have all of them coming out in the praise of the same laws just to hurt the democratic set up. We as Pakistanis have strange perceptions about things. One day we are against something and next day we are for it. Lawyers who boycotted the SC headed by Iftikhar Choudhry came out to support him. Iftikhar Choudhry was one of the main culprit behind the decision of Zafar Ali Shah case, he is signatory to these beautiful words

(j) State necessity, doctrine of—: Doctrine of State necessity is recognised not only in Islam and other religions of the world but also accepted by the eminent international jurists to fill a political vacuum and bridge the gap.

Media and Lawyers who opposed NAB laws during Musharraf regime are now praising it. SC headed by CJ Dogar gave a decision against “Graduate ” requirement to be parliamentarian, declared it as invalid and illegal. But now we have SC pursuing on the same issue just to get the politicians. What a Whammy for establishment, now they dont have to move the boots to take control of the PM house, they can do the same with the stroke of pen. All they need to do is take a hold of CJ. One thing has changed, judiciary which was the back up has taken a front seat in destabilizing the democracy.

The wish full thinking of PML-N and establishment for mid term polls seems to be coming true as declared by the big Choudhry of Taxila Ch. Nisar who talks abut poor, lives in Islamabad and never visits Taxila but managing Taxia with the help of SHO’s. All they need is decision dictated by establishment to the judiciary. PML-N the party of G.T Road Lahore has lost its shine. It’s leaders have always ridden to the PM house on the shoulders of GHQ now they are investing heavily in the judiciary to get them in.

I hope we have not forgotten IJI and ISI. The breakfast every Sunday by big Honcho Judge of LHC at Raiwind is the example of judicial cum political cronyism. Then we all know how new judges got appointed in LHC many lawyers from same Law Chambers of LHC Judge and leader of Lawyers movement. Their caliber and their credentials speak for themselves, I wouldn’t even hire them as my lawyer in the Traffic fine case but this new and independent Judiciary has made the boot polishing lawyers our Lord Ships.

How can we forget what Nawaz did to CJ Sajjad Ali Shah, his smart move to get a decision against CJ from Quetta bench, the decision was financed by brief cases flown in private jets by former Judge who then became a lame president. Then we have attack on SC but our short memories have forgotten what PML-N says is a lie. They are the ones who terrorized the SC they are the one who divided the supreme court.
Mr. Choudhry Nisar knows that Judiciary is the only way they can land in PM house.

The democratic set up or democracy we have is only two and a half years old. We need to further amend the laws to be more democratic and we need to develop democratic norms. This government or even next few governments need space to work with. At the moment all we can say is that politicians were persecuted by the laws made by dictators and applied by the judiciary and we are still at the same place same old dictator’s laws with the same old judiciary and same old politicians are persecuted nothing has changed.

So Choudhry Nisar, Good luck! You will keep following the trap of destabilizing the democracy with a little more innovative style. The popularity of Ch Nisar in Taxila is well known. This Choudhry Sahib a representative of people doesnt even shake hands of the commoners as they stink from perspiration.

Fawad Manzoor

Fake degrees may lead to mid-term polls: Khan
June 26, 2010

Reports suggest that hundreds of lawmakers may have fake degrees

Leader of the Opposition Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has said that there may be mid-term elections in the country, if a large number of parliamentarians turn out to be fake degree holders.

“I think by-elections will not be an option in such a case,” Khan told media in what appeared to be veiled threat to the government.

The statement came a day after the Supreme Court ordered the Election Commission to initiate action against legislators who contested the 2008 general polls on the basis of fake degrees. According to media reports the number of lawmakers possessing fake degrees could be in hundreds.

Khan said he did not believe the government would be able to avoid mid-term elections and go for by-polls if a large number of lawmakers were disqualified.

He claimed the government was asking his party to support a legislation to protect the legislators who had contested the elections on the basis of fake degrees. But, Khan added that the PML-N has refused to be part of any such move.

Khan told reporters that the government intended to introduce the legislation, possibly next week, which would have retrospective effect from 2002 to protect those lawmakers from disqualification whose degrees could be declared fake by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

“We have conveyed to them in the strongest term that we will not be part of any such move, rather we will resist it at all levels,” he said.

Khan also criticised the PML-Q for withdrawing its amendments in the Finance Bill accusing the Chaudhrys of Gujrat of hypocrisy.

The PML-Q supported the government and did not follow the PML-N when they staged walkout from the National Assembly when the Finance Bill was passed by the House.



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