Suspicious Particulars of the Budget Scheme- by Farrukh Shah

Picture of the Punjab Assembly Budget Session


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PC21031 (031)


H58     Grant in aid in favour of Roshni Association Society for Welfare of

Special Persons, Lahore.                                                                               1,000,000


H72     Grant in aid in favour of Roshni Association, Society for Welfare

Of Special Persons, Lahore.                                                                          1,000,000


H75     Grant in aid in favour of Mr. Muzaffar Khan S/o Gulab Khan,

Cook, Punjab House, Islamabad.                                                                  400,000

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PC21031 (031)


H97     Maulana Sarfraz Naeemi, Jamiya Naeemia Allama Iqbal Road,

Lahore.                                                                                                           4,030,000

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PC21031 (031)


J23      Grant in aid for purchase of a SuzkiBolan VXCNG and three

folding wheel chairs in favour of Mr. Abdul Rehman, Walton

Road, Lahore.                                                                                                603,000


J58      Grant in Aid in favour of Mr. Abdul Rehman S/o Mirza Feroz Ali

for the purchase of house, Walton Road, Lahore.                                       3,100,000


J97      Grant in aid in favour of Mr. Abdul Rehman for the Government

fee for the registration of the sale deed house, Walton Road, Lahore.      186,000


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PC21031 (031)


J69      Grant in aid in favour of seven functional schools in different districts

of Al-Dawa Schools Systems.                                                                        3,000,000

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PC21031 (031)


K52     Grant in aid in favour of Mst. Salma Butt, Coordinator to

Chief Minister, 3 Club Road, Lahore.                                                          300,000


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PC21031 (031)


L07      Grant in aid in favour of Mst. Aqeela Tabassum, Sialkot 1,000,000


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PC21031 (031)


N05     Provision of funds for the repairement of houses of Maulana Zahid

Mahmood Qasmi and his Brothers.                                                 3,000,000


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PC21031 (031)


N96     Funds for the estb. of O/o the Chairman Task Force on essential

items / admin. Food Stamp Scheme, Southern Region, Punjab.                  4,226,000


N97     Funds for 6 organizations of Markaz-e-Taiba, Mureedke              79,777,000


O02     9 posts of Consultants in Directorate General Public Relation Punjab.     9,993,000


O03     2 posts for Chief Minister Punjab Task Force for Promotion of Sports.2,800,000




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