PPP clear winner in Gilgit-Baltistan elections

PPP is clearly the most popular party, the only major political party which has roots in all parts of the federation. The same fact is once again evident in the unofficial results of the Gilgit-Baltistan elections. Here are the results so far:

Seats announced: 21
PPP: 12
PML-N: 2
PML-Q: 1
MQM: 1
JUI: 1
Independent: 4

Unofficial results of G-B elections
Updated at: 2200 PST, Thursday, November 12, 2009

GILGIT-BALTISTAN: Pakistan People’s Party’s Syed Mehdi Shah has emerged successful with 5,295 for LA-7 Skardu-1 in the Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative elections, according to an unofficial result. Wazir Wilayat of Pakistan Muslim League-Q is runner up with 2,270.

Independent candidate Deedar Ali wins LA-2 Gilgit 2 by bagging 4,535 votes while PPP’s Jamil Ahmed received 2,774 votes and remained second.

PPP’s Wazir Baig emerged victorious on LA-6 Gilgit 6 with 3,571 votes, leaving MQM’s Kamil Jan behind who bagged 2,240 votes.

JUI(F)’s Gulbar Khan received 2797 and won LA-18 Diamir 4. Independent candidate Malik Muhammad Miskeen is runner up with 1,535 votes.

PPP’s candidate Wazir Shakil won the seat of LA-9 Skardu 3 with 6,423 votes in Gilgit-Baltistan elections. PML-N’s Haji Fida Muhammad Nashad stands second with 2,592 votes.

PML-N’s Muhammad Abdullah wins LA-23 Ganche 2 with 4,240 votes while Amina Ansar of PML-Q’s loses with 3,963 votes.

PPP’s Muhammad Ismail Engineer clinches LA-24 Ganche-3 while Muhammad Shafiq of PML-N stood second.

MQM’s Raja Azam Khan has emerged successful on LA-12 Skardu 6 with 9316 votes, leaving behind PPP’s Imran Nadeem who bagged 7,125 votes in Gilgit-Baltistan elections.

PPP’s Muhammad Jafar has won LA-22 Ganche 1 with 3,772 votes in Gilgit Baltistan elections. PML-N’S Muhammad Ibrahim Sanai bagged 1,741 votes and remained second.

Ghulam Muhammad clinched LA-21 Ghazar 3 with 4,961 votes while Independent candidate Ayub bagged 4,894 votes and stood second.

PPP’s Shaikh Nisar received 7,793 votes to win LA-8 Skardu 2 while independent candidate Muhammad Ali shah stood second with 4,701 votes.

It may be noted that in the election, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) emerged as the major party before elections which had 22 candidates followed by Mutahida Qaumi Movement which has 20 candidates, while the other Political Parties included: Pakistan Muslim League N 15, PML Q 14, GBDA 4, Awami National Party 3, Jamat Islami 2 and Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf two.

Charges of rigging
Analysis by Tahir Sarwar Mir

Some comments: (source pkpolitics)

bechari-awam said:

btw where is PTI. I thought their principled stand was to take part in every election. I understand IK is hospitalized and I pray that he get well soon, but what about the other party cadre. Even Marvi memon is there campaigning for her candidates. Until today, I didn’t even know that there are PTI candidates running in the elections.

I guess, the results are already known. PPP will definitely win, considering it’s historical strong presence in GB and the reason, it is their federal govt which gave those disenfranchised people a right to elect their legislative body.

dr_abrar said:

PTI had atleast 2 candidates in the running and they were supporting one of the independents but their performance is really poor

Sweettruth said:
What happened to world’s greatest party PTI (according to some people here on this site) in these elections?
Why PTI is always so scared of elections?
Why PTI always want to remain a pressure group in Pakistani politics?
Why PTI cannot participate in an election where candidates can win a seat with few thousands votes?
Why PTI wants to remain one man tanga size party?
How long PTI will remain alive on media only? (thanks to TV anchormen who invite IK almost daily basis)

I have always advised some of my PTI supporter friends to tell Imran to take part in every elections. Take example of MQM; they participated first time in these elections and have already won a seat. In politics Imran’s style is arrogant and inappropriate and he does not want to take part in any election process. In elective politics leaders have to go to public for their voting support while IK expects people to come to him.

dr_abrar said:

Well I personally like IK very much but thats it , it is just IMRAN KAHAN not a party as such. IK has been in politics from last 17 years but it hurts to say that he has never taken any correct political decisions in his life. His whole politics revolves around anto government and more of JI type politics. He is personally a very sincere and capable person but he is just surrounded by Munawar hussain and Qazi hussain ahmed type of people.

Sweettruth said:


Once again good analysis about Imran and his ineffective style of politics and you are right that Imran’s politics and policies are centred around world’s biggest munafiq pressure group JI. IK did not learn his lesson even after Punjab university beating by Jamiat students. His party membership has increased mainly due to some JI members who have joined his party only to ruin IK politically.

dr_abrar said:

I think we should not be that biased and should give mqm some credit. Without going into their past and their style of polictics, they have worked really hard in GB and they have been very organised and vocal. They are attracting people now, I am very surprised to see their rally in Lahore to celebrate their GB success. I never thought they can attract so many people in Lahore.

dara said:

These results show one thing, Nawaz league needs to come out it’s Punjab shell and take the responsibility of the whole country. People vote PPP because they know it is not a reginal party. Also people don’t vote on the basis of media trial , they know what is the propaganda and what is the reality.

The sucees of MQM is also based on their support to other issues like peolpe of Pakistan know that MQM has shown support to Baluch ( though it was lip service only as they didn’t leave Musharaf Govt), also they now a days talk about the whole of Pakistan.

People also know what change Iftikhar Ch has brought so far? just giving benefits to Nawaz Sharief for equiting him out, That issue of judiciary is only popular in big cities of punjab.
In gilgit and Sakurdu people are still voting for N league because Nawaz sharief has done some good work to bring employement not because he has so called ” Asooley Mokaf”.

Imran Khan doesn’t even exist in these election because he never bothered about Gilgit as there are less people in those areas who go far stupid right wing agenda blindly.

People in Baltistan are less concerned about so called Anti american slogans as they know these are only slogans, every anti American in our country is a greatest supporter of capitalism and a big “Sarmayadar”.

ninetykman said:

@ dara

Well I agree with you on NS. He had a great chance after BB to become a national leader, but he has lost it big time. He has restricted himself to Laore, ISB and Muree.

A real leader knows the pulse of the nation.

Forget GB. He didnt even go to Sindh or Baluchistan. He keeps on going to dubai and london instead.

mir munsif said:

Pakistan is federation and for a welfare federal state,the essence lies in strong ppl oriented federal parties.But dilema in our country is that Military economic umpire with its co operative tools (moulvis,bureacrats and self created politicians) tried to weaken the federal parties.They had always been against PPP and they propoagated hate and biased propaganda against PPP and its leadership.People were pumped with all sort of propaganda against PPP,because they feel challenge from democratic system and federal parties.

But time and again,one thing gets clearer..when ever ppl are given free choice to select,they prefer federal parties esp PPP.PPP has once again emerged as leading party in GB.Its not this election,if any one is serious political observer,they know that PPP has strong presence in GB for last many decades.This victory of PPP is signal to all PPP haters both in establishment and fasciast/Ultra orthodox talabinist that with all your efforts,you could erase PPP and will never succeed inshAllah.

This success of PPP shows that its CHAIN of FEDERATION whose presence is every where in Pakistan…its not just regional party.Its Pakistan’s peoples Party..!!

dara said:

The results are not completed as of yet , but its seems that PPP will definitely be single largest party. I know same portion of media will come after ppp with rigging elegations. The way that perticuller media was painting situation if you really believe them then there was no chance for ppp to even win ne seat rigging or no rigging.

The problem with peolpe who hate ppp is that they forgrt one thing that political parties can not be rooted out, they could loose or win support but real political parties couldn’t be evapurated. PPP has one big advantage over other parties that is being a federal party having support in all over Pakistan, in all religons and in all sects and linguistic groups.

people of pakistan might vote ppp out in next national election but that is not because of Kerry Louger Bill or NRO or on Ch Iftikhar issue it will be bevause of their performance to provide basics Roti , Kapra or Makan.

People know that those who are oppossing Kerry Loger package are the one who have looted 12 billion in recent past and have been looting US aid since 1950’s. They know this aid will ensure some help in social sector. They know that NRO was accepted by PPP because that was a way out from political motivated cases . They know NRO beneficiaries are over 60% from bureaucracy and traders and PPP’s share is not that one. They know that those who have looted more then any political personality are never trialed. They know even Ch Iftikhar has no courage to re open Gawader land mafia files as it has names from an institution who is above and beyond any accountability.

So they know.

mir munsif said:

Total seats are 24 and PPP has placed its 23 members,second id MQM with being 18 members,third id PMLN 15,PMLQ 14,ANP 4,and others etc.Even from these numbers,its clear that only PPP has biggest base thats why its has placed members for most of the seats and other parties could not find even members against seats.There is no show of TI,JI etc here.Its not PPP’s faults,if other parties could not find members to run for elections on their platform against some seats…This is simple example of PPP’s viberant and visible presence and ofcourse success story in GB polls.

mir munsif said:


Itni jhooty ilzaamoon aur hate propganda ki bavajood bhi
elections PPP ni jeeta
Loogho ni un ko chuna
Loogho un un pey aitmaad kiya,
aur phir leaders ni awam ki li sab kurbaan kiya
Jamhooriyat ley aahy,
Mush ki vardi utrvai
Army ko wapas barracks mein bheeja..power ley ki
Jhamooriyat ki jeet huey
PPP power mein aahy aur dushmano ki diloon mein ik azaab aayaa
aur TI ni hamesha Tanga party sey aaghi kuch nahi payaa
Karkun tu daur,Ik ki bagheer koi leader hey nahi mila
Ik chaur hey biased approach kaa…baas nafar ka seelab
par PPP hey Pakistan ki awam ki party..
.na taliban khano ki,na fauji jerneelo ki,na fasciast logo ki..
PPP zinda baad,Pakistan Painda baad..Nafrat zada propagnda Murda baad!!

I never say PPP is party of angels,I repeat the same but it has come through legitmate process not behind the doors with mighty guns of 111 birgade.We can criticise PPP if it goes wrong,but I dont understand most of the ppl on this forum can tolerate injust rule and Military take over for decades but cant give chance a democracy to take roots.

Democracy is longer,boring but its healthy in long run.To a words of winston churchal ..Democracy is not the ideal system but its best among all the systems to the date.For a democratic system to flourish and parties to get more refined,it needs time and healthy pressure from civil society.The federation of Pakistan can only survive,if we strengthen our federal parties,which chains whole nation.Criticise PPP,I welcome it but please DONT BE BIASED,dont just take it granted that every wrong doing is coz of democratic system.Rather analyze the situation on rational basis and come up with sane vision,rather sticking to hate pouring and blind propganda pumped by pro establishment economic umpire,anti PPP Media and hate groups.

Long live Democracy and PPP!!

mir munsif said:

Human rights commision and Independent Observers have said in their reports that they are satisfied with Election process and over all they termed it fair.They appreciated Election process in GB and They highlighted some adminsitrative weaknesses which need to be improved in future for any election.Their report confirms the fair victory of PPP.

meengla said:

@Mir Munsif,

1) You and @Dara are far too polite and rational for a large number of this PMLN or PTI or MQM crowd. You are trying to talk about a viable ’system’ while these paindoos (no ethnicity intended) are so blinded by hatred of PPP that they are digging up Zardari’s past records (which are tainted–though not a unique case in Pakistan at all–please see Ishaq Daar’s confession against NS and SS) to be willing to bring down the whole system just to have their own men in power.

2) Why is it so surprising to have the PPP win in G-B in these elections? PPP did not have a strong base in NWFP either but in Feb. 2008 elections it came very close to ANP in terms of seats. It was sympathy votes for Benazir or strong candidates or smart electioneering. Something worked. And worked well enough to kick out the PMLQ and the MMA. So why can’t it happen in G-B when Kaira and Gilani are offering the locals the moon?

3) I think for MQM it is a moral victory to finally have one candidate win outside of Sindh. And so MQM is going to cheer. But PMLN is quiet either to avoid embarassing coverage (the most popular politician in Pakistan (Punjab) is NS, right) or is simply waiting to see the unconstitutional toppling of PPP setup. Yeah, it is not out of question for these fake Muslim Leaguies (the real one died with MA Jinnah) to ask the military to intervene again.

4) PTI’s Tonga Party and its ‘Kochbaan’ leader Imran Khan has no excuse to field less than 5 (only 2?) candidates in these elections? Even MQM tried to ‘fake it’ and fielded 18, knowing that there was no chance. Mr. Tonga Taliban Khan is waiting for a military general to start a coup and give Mr. Khan a PM ship. No amount of excuses or white-washing is going to justify PTI not at least contesting these elections in full force. Anyone? Come on, please be honest. I too think our Taliban Khan is uncorrupt and is perhaps even uncorruptible. But then a local Mosque’s Maulvi can have similar attributes and often do in Pakistan. Brains is a different matter. Sorry Taliban Khan. I ‘want to believe’ in you but there is not even the intelligence of a Ross Perot in you and your party to convince me of your credentials. PLEASE BE CORRUPT A LITTLE BUT PLEASE HAVE SOME BRAINS TOO.

sitaraakhri said:

Zardari does not control all. In fact he controls very little. He had to undo his stance on the judges; undo his stance on the SMS issue; and I have no doubt that he will undo his stance on 17th Amendment. I would rather have that than a control freak called Imran Khan.

You have conveniently mentioned all of Imran Khan’s plusses but none of his minuses. At least the PPP has conventional wisdom in the form of Aitzaz, Raza Rabbani, etc. Who are IK’s advisors/candidates? Do you know who his candidate from Islamabad was in 2002 (the last election his party contested)? It was that Ahmad Raza Kasuri joker who then went on to side with Musharraf and was against the lawyers’ movement and then got ridiculed by the lawyers. So IK has no team to speak of.

Also where is all this stuff about khudari coming from? IK’s children lead privileged lives just like Bilawal does. Is IK funding them? If so, he must have assets abroad. If not, then he is ok with getting Goldsmith aid for his children and his ghairat is no issue but Heaven Forbid the poor Pakistani awam benefit from American aid—because it “comes with conditions”. oOOOH. Guess what? All aid comes with conditions. According to a recent article Jemima wrote, “ever since her kids left Pakistan, they no longer think the pig is ganda”—yes that is exactly what she wrote —proudly. IK is such a hypocrite. One standard for himself but another for the others.

Sweettruth said:

Imran is waiting for a miracle for winning an election. He is so scared of whole election process that he hardly managed to field only 2 candidates for these small scale election in Gilgit. Evne MQM fielded 18 candidates and won 1 seat. Can someone tell him that you have to go in public to beg votes while IK expects public to come to him. IK does not have any vote-winning slogan like roti kapra makan of PPP which is still very popular among Pakistani public. IK may have a good support on Internet through his IK fan club mostly living in USA and UK but his electoral suppot among Pakistani voters is less than 1%.

Wake up Imran and get rid of munafiq Jamat Islami because your party PTI and JI have same policies and JI is strongly hated by majority of Pakistani public. IK also has to stop supporting taliban terrorists because his support for Taliban animals is also a policy of Jamat Islami.