Man Stoned to Death in Nowshera

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In another barbaric act, a person has lost his life for having alleged illicit relations with a woman who was working as an intern at his tailoring shop. Though proponents of such an act would claim that the Holy Quran calls for stoning as the sentence against Adultery but may I ask people to tell us what happens to court and trial? What about the appeal by the person against whom the act has taken place? What about the people who act as false witnesses?

Can also someone research that how many instances of stoning took place during the era of the Holy Prophet PBUH and caliphs?

Reading the news in Dawn, my mind went to the book and movie titled “The Stoning of Soraya M.” where a married woman with four children is stoned to death in Iran in 1986 for dishonoring her husband. The husband wants to get rid of her wife so he could marry a 14 year old but doesn’t want to divorce so that he doesn’t have to pay support. He uses the local imam for support of stoning of his wife. It’s a pity that such things happen even now. The government must act and strongly bring the perpetrators to justice.

Man Stoned to Death in Nowshera

Dawn-June 22, 2010

NOWSHERA, June 21: A young man was allegedly stoned to death by three persons in Pir Pai area of Nowshera on Monday.

In his complaint lodged with police, father of the victim said Bashir, his brother Naseer and another unidentified man dragged his son Suhail Hakeem, who ran a tailoring shop in Pir Pai Bazaar, out of his shop and took him to Lalabad stream where he was repeatedly hit by stokes.

Mir Hakeem said he reached the spot along with his son Farooq and tried to rescue his Suhail, but the three men also threatened them of dire consequence if they came to his help.

He said they escaped from the scene after killing his son.

The motive behind the murder is stated to alleged illicit relations of the victim with a woman, who was working as an as interne at his shop.

The police registered a case against the three men and conducted raids to arrest them



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