Let’s think about Pakistan – by Riaz Ali Toori

Years ago, when in my hometown Parachinar and in other tribal areas, malicious actions were initiated by in human terrorists against innocent and peace-loving people, I had written an article titled “Let think for Pakistan”. That time I hadn’t even imagined that this article would be momentous and significant even years later. But unfortunately, today Pakistan is confronted with more miserable conditions than before.

Pakistan is in a quagmire of socio-economic and security problems in a backdrop of an environment of ethnic and religious intolerance. From Parachinar to Karachi, life of human being is at great risk. The terrorists have pushed Pakistan into a blind street where only political reconciliation, wisdom and unity with persistency in fighting terrorism indefatigably can prove beneficial. Fortification through diplomatic wisdom has never been such a pressing need of the hour for Pakistan as it is today. None had ever thought that bloodbath of innocent people would continue for decades. There were no uncertainties that Allies of “war on terror” would fail and this war would hurl Pakistan into political mire.

One had craved that soon the land would become a piece of paradise and everyone in the world would breathe peacefully. There would be no killing and beheading of innocent people, no devastation of towns and terrorism laid to rest forever. No one had expected that for punishing one Saddam, one Osama, one Mullah Omar and a group of religious fanatics involved in killing of many innocents, millions of people would lose their lives and settlements would be razed to the ground.

I had told the government of that time that a spark of terrorism from the tribal areas could overtake the whole country soon if then fierce actions with wise strategy was not adopted against the miscreants in disparity to the strategy of combating USSR as we had most terrible experience of so-called Jihad against USSR that had brought the ongoing sectarian clashes, spread of weapons and drug mafia in Pakistan.

Had the think-tanks inside Pakistan chalked out a wise strategy with future planning, today there would have been no adverse impact on our society. At present, “war on terror” which so far could neither defeat terrorism nor establish peace in the world has turned Pakistani streets into a breeding ground of terrorism. Terrorists got their strength in the worst days of dictatorship when public will, country constitution and state institutions had been rendered worthless and those who mattered in the country were busy in salvaging the one-man illicit regime.

Musharaf was putting forth all his energies for prolonging his anarchic reign. He had no nervousness for growing terrorism, extremism, culture of intolerance, unemployment, poverty, energy and food crises. A group of turncoat politicians abetting him copiously was associated with him. Closely united together, they had no concern either with the future of Pakistan or its poor and oppressed public. Today the entire nation is paying a heavy price for the dirt spread by two oppressors Zia-ul Haq and Musharaf.

If one wants to differentiate between democratic and anarchic society, the socio-economic, political and security situation of Pakistan, studying the epochs of The Zia-ul Haq and The Musharaf would be quite enough for it. No one had even envisaged that mosques would be blown up, population of minorities would be set on fire as in Gogra, charismatic leader like Benazir Bhutto would be assassinated and atrocious actions against minorities like attack on Ahmedi’s worship place could ever take place, followed by a more frightening assault on the emergency ward of Jinnah hospital.

No one inside Pakistan is secure either inside home or in places of worship, in public places or even in hospitals. So far hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, mosques, worship places, public parks, markets, political and religious processions have all been attacked in Pakistan. A horrible picture of the Pakistani society emerges before the world.

Today tribal areas are more peaceful than any district of Pakistan even if there is no law and order situation. Tribesmen are braver and more spirited than the government of Punjab in challenging and condemning terrorists and terrorism. No tribesman nowadays has a soft corner for terrorists and no tribesman is convinced by their propaganda that they are doing everything for the well-being of Islam. Shoulder to shoulder with Pakistan Army, they are fighting against the terrorists. Tribesmen want severe measures against these miscreants and criminals who have unlawfully captured their earthly paradise and made their lives miserable.

Tribal people are persistent in ridding their hometowns of the enemies of humanity. On the other hand Shahbaz’s Government clearly seems reluctant to take action against the banned sectarian and Jihadi organizations operating in Punjab. If Punjab government continues this policy of cowardice or affiliations with terrorist organizations, the day is not far away that Punjab would become the main focus of terrorism and then it would be too late to deal effectively with situation.

Immediately after the Lahore incident in which dozens of Ahmedi worshippers were massacred, the Governor Punjab Salman Taseer told media that due to strong ties between PML-N and some banned organizations such incident are occurring in Punjab. He issued a similar statement when in the by-election PML-N allied with SSP in district Jhang.

A news report has affirmed a secret report based on data collected from southern Punjab that a number of banned groups are functioning constantly to recruit fresh cadre from the poverty stricken, illiterate and unemployed youth of the region. These things are cause for concern for the brighter future of the country’s socio-economic and political scenario.

The image of Pakistan has been tarnished around the world and if any terrorist incident occurs in any part of the world, its roots are searched for here. Pakistan is receiving serious threats from US and international community because of escalating terrorism. Investors around the world are not willing to set up their business inside Pakistan. So far Pakistan and allies of “war on Terror” could not even find the elements that are financially supporting terrorists inside Pakistan, as President of Pakistan stated a few days back.

The common man is thinking that allies of “war on terror” seem to be non-serious in the elimination of terrorisms leading to destabilizing Pakistan. The threats of attack on Pakistan is pressuring the country and weakening the morality of Pakistani government in beating terrorism. The US has adopted a fleeting attitude over war on terror. On one hand Pakistan is confronted with gigantic socio-economic problems and infinite security threats and on the other, the International Community, especially the USA are causing problems for its stability instead of appreciating and facilitating Pakistan’s efforts. The new US maneuver of attacking Pakistan could badly affect the process of combating militancy in tribal areas and in other parts of the country while deeply hurting the sentiments of Pakistanis as a whole.

Written By: Riaz Ali Toori



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