Optimistic Features of Budget 2010-11 – by Riaz Ali Toori

The following article has been written for LUBP by Riaz Ali Toori, an analyst from Pakistan’s Tribal Areas.

When a country steps forward, its people flourish, and this is accomplished with impartial and equitable distribution of wealth that helps in improving living standards as more people have access to available resources.
A nation enjoys better health, education, retirement and social security benefits which go a long way in diverting intellectual abilities and faculties towards prompt development, growth and progress.
Besides, a rich government heralds a rich nation in comparison with a poor government which can only promise its people indebtedness, backwardness, economic disparity and absolute submission to donors. And what can one say of the character of that nation which lacks free will and self-worth?

Taxes undeniably make the life of layman thorny but ensure national self-esteem and break the bowl of begging. Statement comes futile if one cries over taxes as well as condemns foreign aid simultaneously. A survey report claims that there is only 1% tax payers while other stubbornly refusing to pay taxes. Neither with taxes we are pleased nor we are willing to go IMF, accept Kerry Lugar Bill and foreign aids, between them is Aa’ladin lamp unluckily Pakistan is not having it.
Pakistan’s economic problems are relentless, profound and acute owing to ten years incessant war, terrorism, extremism, corruption and nepotism. This everything have crooked country’s environment inapt for foreign investors as a result our growing rate is on rapid decline. Today no foreign investor is prepared to launch business inside Pakistan because of timid environment of the country.

Beside, Pakistani react very conventionally and aggressively towards world political affairs and international ups and downs. The way, Pakistani go for protests, doesn’t take place in any civilized country around the world. We set our offices, assets, resources and material goods on fire and create circumstances of dread and dismay. In Denmark when a damned cartoonist played with sensations of Muslims, a great devastation was brought to the property and business of foreign investors inside Pakistan with a serious harm to local business, shops, and transport. We saw markets, government offices, transport and banks blazing with dozen of casualties.

Such scuffles have taken place in Pakistan over and over again have horrified foreign investors and even local. Karachi refuses investors because of gangs’ mafia, ransoms collectors and everyday target killings. No country can boost up its economy by means of lots of taxes either clear or hidden devoid of in corporation with other countries and investors. More than everything today Pakistan needs an alteration in attitude and calming worsen insecure environment.

A rapid increase in unemployment is because of the lack of investment. Number of trials is there for local and foreign traders inside Pakistan and till our government didn’t remove all the hindrances in their path foresightedly, economically proliferate Pakistan would remain just a reverie. Pakistan can’t reinforce its economy till it doesn’t adopt international ample trade methodologies, customary environment, and doesn’t bring natural resources under utilization. But the time Pakistan doesn’t come out of security crises, economical stability seems to be infeasible.

The present budget is a step toward happy and prosperous Pakistan as the government clearly publicized the drawbacks comes in its own part. The government had tried to identify the shortcomings and is committed towards their way out. After momentous NFC award, historic Aghaz-i-Haqooq-i-Baluchistan, and remarkable empowerment of the people of Gilgit and Baltistan no budget can be better than this in a circumstances when Pakistan is in state of ongoing war.

By a slash in the import duty, the price of vegetable oil and ghee, a major input of cooking and a main source of calories, will come down. The new concessionary import measures will bring down the prices of medicines that will endorse health. The increase in the income tax exemption, people with lowest salary will benefit. The budget has delightful news flash for the government employees who received a giant raise of 50% in their basic salaries despite the fact that it was expected merely 15-20%.

The awe-inspiring cheerfulness of government’s employees were noteworthy in a tea stall before TV’s screen watching to budget’s presentation when their loudly laughs hit the roof of cafe. The rate of family pensions enhanced from 50% to 75% is a virtuous deed of the government that is delighted for orphans and widows. The minimum monthly pension raised from Rs2, 000 to Rs3, 000 ensures the welfare and benefit of old age citizens. Government is firm in the elimination of poverty through BISP, and toward fall off in unemployment it is concerned.

The scheme for employment generation for rural unskilled workers will prove effectual provided the scheme in future doesn’t base on the evils of favoritism and nepotism. Such schemes have been hijacked and deteriorated in past by corrupt elements. This scheme will be launched in 120 union councils in 12 least developed districts and other that have suffered the most due to the security situation. But Eighty out of 131 districts of Pakistan lack basic food while 45 are extremely in short of food. In such situation to confine the scheme en route for 12 districts will not solve the aching issue of food insecurity and poverty.

The government must extend its launching to all poverty stricken districts. More through financial aid, a government can’t uproot poverty without generating employment opportunities, and revolutionary enhancement in the field of agriculture, power, water and electricity. Allocation of Rs131 billion for hydel, thermal and nuclear projects will bump up generation and expand transmission.

Government vow Diamir-Basha Dam shall be launched as mega project in Fiscal Year 2010-11 which would generate 4500MW electricity and storing capacity 6,450MAF water. In short one by one every trouble is touched with commitment towards its solution. President Asif Ali Zardari has faith in self-reliance rather foreign aids and its time Pakistani must realize the economical decline due to terrorism and be patient with a bit of hitch if comes in our path on the road to happy and prosperous Pakistan.

Allama Iqbal said:

“Aye thair-e-lahooti us rizq say maut achchi
Jis rizq say aati ho parwaz main kotahi.”

“O you liberated bird of the horizons,
Beware that death is superior to
A life, bare of self-respect
That prevaricates your flight



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