Chairman Imran Khan’s statement on attacks on “places of worship” in Lahore

Stumbled upon the following statements by the PTI’s chairman Imran Khan on attacks on “places of worship” in Lahore.

Provided below are two versions of Imran Khan’s statement; the first one is from the PTI’s official website ( and the second version is from the PTI’s blog on pkpolitics (maintained by the PTI, UK).

Review the statements, and answer this million dollar question:

What do you find lacking in these statements?


Statement 1

Imran Khan condemns attacks on places of worship in Lahore

By Hammad Cheema | 470 Views | | Press Release, Lahore, Islamabad, National
Islamabad. May 28-05-2010

The Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan has strongly condemned attacks on two places of worship in Gharhi Shahu and Model Town Lahore yesterday and expressed his deep sorrow on the loss of lives in these incidents. These episodes, he said, occurred because of the incompetence of administration. The rulers have deputed heavy contingents of police for their security, leaving the citizens utterly defenceless and at the mercy of the criminals. In a press statement, Imran Khan said that such violent incidents have become the order of the day due to incompetence of rulers.

Statement 2
Source: PTI Blog

Chairman Imran Khan & PTI condemns the atrocity against the innocent citizens of Pakistan in Lahore on May 29

Posted by Rizwan
May 29 2010

(PTI UK – May 30 2010) – We categorically condemn the atrocity committed in Lahore in Garhi Shahu & Model Town on May 29 2010 against the innocent citizens of Pakistan. The murder of over 80 people in a place of worship is abhorent to any decent human being and is against the teachings of Islam. Chairman Imran Khan today visited the injured at the hospital and condemned this crime against the citizens of Pakistan.

PTI hopes that the Government of Pakistan is able to catch & punish the terrorists. We sympathize with the families of the victims who will now be the ultimate sufferers of this heinous crime.

PTI is a party based on the principles of Justice (Insaf). PTI stands for one rule of law for all Pakistanis regardless of caste, creed or religion & as a sovereign nation the country has to provide security and safety to all citizens of Pakistan, irrespective of their caste, creed or religion.



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