Death toll in Pakistan mosque blast may reach 70

The Taliban and their jihadi and sectarian associates attack mosques, imambargahs, funerals, schools, army, police, political leaders alike.

Sometimes they openly claim the responsibility of their heinous crimes. On other occasions, they remain silent for their own strategic gains.

While they remain silent, we have their supporters abound in Pakistan and abroad who keep justifying Taliban’s atrocities on one pretext or the other.

One thing is for sure, Taliban are the enemies of Islam and Pakistan. They are being used by our enemies to ruin both Islam and Pakistan.

Their forefather Zionist agent General Zia-ul-Haq Yazid killed 25,000 Palestinians. These bastard children of General Zia are killing whatever iota of nobility is left behind in the “Islamic Republic”.

Deadly blast hits Pakistan mosque

A bomb has exploded at a mosque near the town of Jamrud in the Khyber agency in north-west Pakistan, killing at least 50 people, officials say.

The top administrator in the Khyber region, Tariq Hayat, said he feared the death toll could rise to 70.

Officials say the attack was a suicide bombing and the mosque has collapsed.

North-west Pakistan has witnessed a number of suicide attacks linked to the Taleban insurgency and also to the Shia-Sunni sectarian divide.

The attack in the village of Baghiani, about 30km (20 miles) from the Afghan border, took place as Friday prayers were beginning.

More than 70 people have been hurt.

Rescuers were at the scene digging through the rubble, pulling out bodies and injured survivors who were rushed to hospital.

‘Caught fire’

The mosque was next to a tribal police checkpoint, says the BBC’s Barbara Plett in Islamabad, and was crowded with about 250 worshippers, including many police.

Mosque in Jamrud

Television pictures showed that the mosque had been blown to pieces.

Noor Mohammad, a policeman in the tribal region, told the BBC: “The blast took place just before the prayer leader announced the start of prayers.

“I was standing on the verandah outside the mosque because I was late and could not find space inside. After the explosion, the doors into the mosque caught fire. Moments later, the mosque collapsed.”

The attack came just hours before US President Barack Obama was due to unveil details of a new strategy to fight militants in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Pakistan’s security officials have recently concentrated forces in the Khyber region, and especially the Jamrud area, to fight militants attacking convoys carrying supplies for the Nato forces in Afghanistan.

Some reports say the operations have been co-ordinated by US intelligence officials, and security forces say they have captured or killed several al-Qaeda members in the operations.


The Khyber administrator, Tariq Hayat, said people in the area had been co-operating with security forces.

No-one has claimed responsibility for the attack, which could also be linked to disputes between local tribal militias, says our correspondent.

On Thursday, at least 10 people were killed in a suicide bombing in Jandola in South Waziristan.

That attack, at a restaurant, was blamed on rivalry between militant factions.

Officials said a group of militants opposed to Pakistan’s top Taleban commander had been in the restaurant.

At least 25 people were killed last month in a suicide bomb attack on a funeral procession in Dera Ismail Khan, a town in North-West Frontier Province, close to the semi-autonomous tribal area.

The bomber targeted the funeral of a Shia Muslim cleric who had been gunned down the day before.

The town has a history of sectarian violence between its Sunni and Shia Muslim communities.

خیبر، مسجد پر خونریز حملہ

خیبر، مسجد پر خونریز حملہ

خیبر، مسجد پر خونریز حملہ

خیبر، مسجد پر خونریز حملہ

خیبر، مسجد پر خونریز حملہ

خیبر، مسجد پر خونریز حملہ

Pictures: BBC Urdu dot com

‘Enemies of Pakistan’

Tariq Hayat Khan, the most senior administrator in the Khyber region, told reporters the death toll could rise, perhaps to 70.

About 70 wounded had been taken to hospitals, he said.

“It was a suicide attack. The bomber was standing in the mosque. It’s a two-storey building and it has collapsed,” he said.

Khan accused pro-Taliban fighters of carrying out the bombing after a recent offensive aimed in part at protecting a supply route for Nato and US troops operating in Afghanistan.

“Residents of this area had co-operated and helped us a lot. These infidels had warned that they will take revenge,” Khan said.

“They are the enemy of Pakistan. They are the enemy of Islam.”

Zeina Khodr, Al Jazeera’s correspondent in Islamabad, said many of those killed were members of the security forces.

The mosque is near a police checkpoint and “people in that checkpoint usually pray in this mosque”, she said.

“But the political agents are saying that, and I quote, ‘no Muslim could carry out such a crime suggesting that foreign hands were responsible’.”

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Mutazalzaluzzaman Tarar said:

my congratulations to all Taliban supporters on this great success. you guys really showed them evil Namazis who had been persecuting the poor, innocent Taliban so viciously…

Nonaligned said:

Shocking loss of precious lives in Jamrood, hundreds of our brothers who went for prayer were killed and injured in a mosque.
Where are now these friends of Taliban: Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Imran Khan and Ret Gen Hamid Gull who always praised Taliban and never condemned their evil acts?
May be it is time for our news-media to challenge all these associates of Talibans to publicly condemn suicide bombing.

shoaib aslam said:

I would strongly advice all the pk`s that please do not create your opinons on the basis of fall western media influence. How could you even think a good muslim can destroy a mosque? My mind does not accept that… and with ref to talib`s philosophy they woudnt want to damage the sympathy they get from the ordainary people in these critical times.

fanaticmulla said:

Taliban attacks everyone everywhere who does not agree with their islam or who they think is hurdle in their ambitions of Taking control of whole NWFP.

Actually Taliban lovers deep in their heart knows that it is done by one of their brother, so they will not condemn this act ..and they will be happy with the performance of suicide bombers..–these Talibans will destroy Pakistan

“KionkayPakistan Islam Kay Naam Pay Banaya Tha is liye isse Islam Kay Naam Par Hi Torein Gay”

Adonis said:

It is so unfortunate to see that most people and much of the media as well lump every armed group as taliban. This is height of ignorance.

The fact of matter is that there are several different armed groups active in FATA, each with it own particular aim, several not fighting against Pakistani forces and many of them are fighting with each other.

In Khyber agency, the group being targeted by the armed forces and the one suspected of today’s atrocity is Lashkar-i-Islam headed by Mangal Bagh which is an extremist deobandi group that has nothing to do with taliban or war in Afghanistan. The conflict in Khyber agency is basically sectarian where the deobandis were initially fighting pockets of shias. But then about five years ago Lashkar-i-Islam cam einto being led at that time by an extremist cleric Maulvi Shakir who used FM radio to brand everyone not agreeing with his extremist views as non-muslims. This prompted barelvi sunnis to form their own organization Ansar-i-Islam which was then led by Pir Saifullah. Both parties started attacking each other first verbally and then physically.

All that time musharraf and his government stood silent because none of the parties was threatening US supply rouutes and “logistics” support.” They were merely killing each other.

Lashkar-i-Islam, whose leadership was later taken over by Mangal Bagh,with its better weapons managed to dislodge Ansar-i-Islam from many of is strongholds and Pir Saifullah left Khyber agency. Still Lashkar is attacking areas under control of Ansars to this day.

Mangal Bagh becane so powerful that in 2008 elections he forbade campaigning by any candidate in khyber agency. Instead all candidates were called to a meeting held by Mangal Bagh where all candidates made a speech about their election manifesto and that was the whole campaign.

Mangal’s men were also accused of attacking another group “Amr bil maroof ….” of Haji Namdar. Haji Namdar was later killed in a suicide attack.

Military only started action against mangal bagh wheb he tried to extend his writ to Peshawar city proper. In response to this action Mangal Bagh started attacking supply convoys going to Afghanistan. Todays attack also seems to be a part of that.

The bottom line is that not all the armed groups operating in the area are taliban. We need to analyze what the aim of each group is and then tackle them accordingly.

Simply lumping all the armed groups together as taliban and parroting that this so called war on terror being perpetuated by americans is our war is utter nonsense.

savage said:

thousands of innocent pakistanis, mostly muslims, have been killed in this bloody play, but it is more painful to see lots of people are glorifying these butchers.

wiqi said:

Taliban lovers, why not support this event? after all, they love Islam so they are dispatching Muslim brothers to heavens here and now. shameless cowards! They are not even Muslim. They are just dacoits and looters nothing else!

Traffic said:

either that or it could be the work of Mangal Bagh’s group as @Adonis suggested. and lets not forget the Indian consulates lined upon our border with Afghanistan. whoever it is, it definitely CANNOT be the Taleban, they would never bomb a mosque, this kind of stuff the Americans or the napak army does.

pakcitizen said:

Our dear sweet Taliban would never do this, oh no, no way…what a load of crap! There is a limit to being delusional…

Why the hell would the army do this? Why the hell would the government do this?

Have these idiots not attacked funeral processions before? But no, the Taliban would never do that…

And those of you talking about the army killing people, give me figures…I know people on the front lines, and I know for a fact that the casualties the army has suffered is because of the cowardly tactics of there terrorists, and where the army has had to restrain itself because of civilians…you talk about collateral damage, it is sad but a very small fraction compared to the havoc these barbarians have unleashed…and for all of you bad mouthing the army, they have also paid the ultimate price…keep that in mind…

TALIBAN LOVERS GO FUDGE YOURSELVES! And take Hamid Mir, Imran Khan, Qazi and the whole lot with you.

These murderers need to be killed off…no questions asked…the State of Pakistan will not bow before anyone…

And yes I am a Baboo, I wear Calvin Klein, and the package is impressive…deal with it!

pakcitizen said:

Oh and before I forget, I also remember Dec 27, 2007. It happened to be Eid-ul-Azha. There was a suicide attack at Jamia Masjid Sherpao in which over 50 innocent people were killed (Gob Bless their souls), and over a 100 were injured…who did that?

Ofcourse, since the target was Sherpao, it was justified right?

Taliban would never attack mosques my a$$…WAKE UP!

Shirkuh said:

@nota & @Traffic

These baboo(n)s are making ridiculous claims about crimes committed under the disguise of religion. It would be like if I made a claim that prevalence of certain crimes in the West was purely a result of western way of life.

Do I need to refer to:

– Mass killings in the schools of USA & Germany

– The utterly ugly incest committed by Josef Frietzl (Austria), who r@ped his own daughter for 25+ years. The Italian “Josef Frietzl), who r@ped his own daughter for 24-25 years. Incest affairs are not that in the Western society. There are frequent stories about such incidents committed against own children and stepdaughters.

– And many more diseases.

One could with reason say that the above mentioned diseases are a product of Western lifestyle and the so much appreciated “freedom”, but IMO nevertheless these actions are still non-acceptable to Westerners too. Likewise “Muslims” (Taliban, Beardos etc.) also commit criminal acts, but nevertheless these actions are widely disliked and condemned by other Muslims!

fanaticmulla said:


“Kionkay Pakistan Islam Kay Naam Par Banaya Tha, Is Liye Issay Islam kay Naam Par Hi Torein Gay”

this is the moto of Beardos

As you mentioned just in last year there talibans attacked even Funerals in D.I.Khan and other cities ..

That attack on Sherpao in Mosque another example , where they themselve took responsibility ..

but beardos cant accept that facts , instaed of condemning these attacks they start quoting some examples that someone f**ke d his daughter in Austria ,what the hell that example has to do with Beardos suicide attacks in Pakistan …it is nonsense at its best

By the way Beardos know deep inside thier heart that this attack is done by one of their brother so you will not see a singlw word to condemn that attack rather you will see only nonsense examples …Beardos come on and write five time with a heavy heart


I know it would be really hard for you but just try

pakcitizen said:

My problem is not that it could not have been India or the US. My problem is why couldn’t it have been the Taliban…why are we defending them? Are they angels? Have they not attacked funeral processions and mosques before? Have they not blown up schools?

And overall, tell me this…the TTP that has declared war on the state of Pakistan, should they not be destroyed?

pakcitizen said:

I have a general question. Consider for a minute that the TTP is not behind this act. Does that make the TTP more acceptable or less of a menace? Do we not consider the TTP as a terrorist organization that is waging war against the State of Pakistan? Should the TTP not lose against the State of Pakistan?…..I’m talking about the TTP (Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan). It is a well defined organization headed by Baitullah Mehsud. Forget even the peripheral groups that operate under the TTP umbrella. Let’s just talk about the core TTP headed by Baitullah Mehsud. Do we consider it a terrorist organization?

Traffic said:

it is the state of pakistan that has declared war on them at the behest of their foreign masters. these people (Taliban) have always been the most loyal to Pakistan. it wasnt ur pak army which gave you azad kashmir, it was these tribals who got it from the bhindians. and when india was threatening pakistan after mumbai attacks, the same Taleban said that they would fight alongside pak army against india. it is only a few generals and NRO beneficiaries who are intent on fighting this American war otherwise this is not our war. tell the americans to leave afghanistan and there will be peace.

shimatoree said:

@ pakcitizen

“And overall, tell me this…the TTP that has declared war on the state of Pakistan, should they not be destroyed?”

Let us accept your assertion that they should be destroyed. And then think as to how ?

1. How do you identify THEM ?

2. They are determined and committed people

3. The military people at all levels some whom I know and some are my family members say that what you say is NOT POSSIBLE. They say the solution is and can only be political.

4. OK you destroy all the Talibs in Pakistan- what percent of the population will you have to kill in order to achieve your FINAL SOLUTION and if you look at what the Germans tried to do in the 40’s – you will still fail. And I shall also point out that by capabilities you do not have the organsiational or administrative capabilities of the Germans.
And even if you succeeded- what will you do when the Afghan Pushtoons come after you and your types as they certainly will just like thee Pakistani Pushtoons are going after the Western Forces in Afghanistan to help their bretheren across the border.

5. And do not forget the Logistics of your planned operation.

shandana said:


Since talibans are strong so we even don’t condemn them………

Isn’t the same strategy adopted by Mush aagainst Bush…….

Wow new code of Pakhtunwali.

afzaalkhan said:


Hello broken record lol so which Talibaan u want me to condemn. Surely not the one in Afghanistan, So I am assuming u mean TTP? Which group of TTP? Or the whole TTP? and condemn them 4 wat? For defending Pak for so long, for geting us AZad Kashmir or threatening India after Mumbai Attacks?

shandana said:


oh come on!

This thread is about to condemn the killings of these 70 people done by any monster, be it is yankees, be it is taliban or be it is indians.

Just condemn it for God sake….don’t do this crap of but, if , since………….

Point of all beardos(thasnks to TK) is

We condemn it if done by US/Indians…………

There must be a reason if done by TTP as killing is justified for them since they must have some reason……….cuz they are angels. ………

fanaticmulla said:

Look at logics given by Taliban lovers to justify this mosque attack

Taliban are strong

Taliban have given us Azad Kashmir (stupidity at its peak)

Taliban will send suicide bombers to India

none of the beardo has the Courage to say that We condemn this Mosque attack

this is the leval of the morality who consider themselves as true muslims and issuing fatwas against others

fanaticmulla said:


you know why they r not condemning it because they know it is done by some of their beardo brother so they will quote all crap to justify this attack…

pakcitizen said:

@ Traffic @nota
Let’s break this down.

First, I am glad to learn that Baitullah Mehsud is not a terrorist but infact a savior.

‘hundreds of thousands of suicide bombers’ are ready to defend Pakistan in case of war with India.

Let’s see. The population of FATA is probably around 6 million people by now. The strength of the TTP is estimated to be 40K.

So the potential base from which the TTP can recruit fighters is probably 3 million roughly (I’ve excluded women and elderly). Our savior does consider children fair game, as we have seen 10 year olds slitting throats, and 16 year old suicide bombers.

So the TTP is 1.5% of the eligibile population of FATA. I say increase this percentage for the sake of argument to a whopping 5% of the population. Even then, 95% of the people living in FATA have nothing to do with the TTP.

First, what should be plain at this point is that the TTP is a miniscule minority in FATA. As we saw during the Bajaur operation, almost the entire town cleared out instead of staying back to fight the State of Pakistan. So the TTP or for that matter Baitullah Mehsud do not represent the aspirations of the people of FATA. The state of Pakistan is fighting this 5%, not the other 95%.

Second, with an approximate strength of 40K, how on earth is Baitullah Mehsud committing to send hundreds of thousands of suicide bombers. These are lies, and bravado to capture the imagination of impressionable ones. I have no doubt that the loyal citizens of FATA will stand by Pakistan should the moment arrive, but not on Baitullah’s instructions. Moreover, this statement also has a historical context where traditionally, rivalry and feuds between tribes have been going on for generations, yet at the first sign of a foreign invasion, all differences are forgotten, and the focus shifts to fighting the occupying force. Once that matter is settled, the fighting resumes. We do not need to go far. After the Soviets vacated Afghanistan in 1988, civil war raged in Afganistan amongst warlords for the next 8 years until the Taliban came into power.

And this brings me to the next point.

“tell the americans to leave afghanistan and there will be peace.”

On what basis are we assuming this? As I mentioned, it took 8 years of brutal fighting after the soviets vacated for one group to emerge victorious. Do you think the Northern Alliance is going to allow its gains to be run over by the Taliban like before? There will be intense fighting once more. Not only that, after the Americans leave, the battle for control of Afghanistan will also degenerate into a proxy war between India and Pakistan and God knows where that is going to take us. Also, a related point, isn’t the US widely blamed for the mess in Afghanistan in the first place? Not because it fought a proxy war against the Russians, but because it lost interest in Afghanistan after the soviets were evicted. I remember a young BB in one of her earliest speeches as PM (we may disagree with her politics, but she was a woman of vision), imploring the US and the western world not to lose interest in Afghanistan (maybe it was her inaugral speech, I forget). The idea was for the US and allies to help rebuild a war-torn Afghanistan. But they messed it up. So please explain to me, how is there going to be peace once the Americans leave? If at all, the Americans need to help rebuild Afghanistan and the Obama-Biden approach is correct in this respect.

Finally, it is inconceivable for the State of Pakistan to lose territory to a handful of irritants. If that is what we wish, then we are inviting chaos and anarchy. If this hideous precedent is allowed to be set, then there is nothing to stop other groups from taking up arms against the state in the future and expect the state to bend over backwards. Mistakes have been made. Sending the army to FATA was a huge mistake, but that time has now passed. Too many innocent lives have been taken by these savages, too savagely has the writ of the state been challenged, our lives and the lives of our families have been endangered by these people, and in my opinion the State must fight back and win. That is the only painful course forward, for if the alternative is adopted, the state will pay a heavy price.

afzaalkhan said:


Ur right we can’t let any group to dominate the state. The argument from nota, traffic and etc is not that we let them is how to deal with them. Ur solution is forced we were against it when it started and after 8 yrs we stand correct. More force not gonna help it will only bring more recruitment for TTP and like minded groups that add with Pushtoons revenge factor and its never ending cycle. Some of the bomb blasts were revenge for lal masjid operation, which has nothing to do with TTP stated goal of sharia and like CM of NWFP said in recent interview the kidnappings r been done by criminal elements who they sell the kidnapped to TTP and other groups.

Now, how to defeat that, we can use the model used by Saudi Arabia which has shown a lot of success, which is using the mosques, religious scholars and teachers to flood the area using tv, newspapers, mosques and influential society persons to show the true face of alqaeda and explaining its not only wrong but its Haram. Using Quran and ahadith to drive the point a well oiled intelligently planned information and education drive, and then identifying the masterminds and dealing them blows by not killing them indiscriminately but arresting and gathering intelligence. Where they had found resistance they tried to negotiate 4 the surrender of the culprits upon failure of negotiation they crushed them.

Why it succeeded?

1 – King Abdullah ordered it from top. Citizen not only like King Abdullah but also respect him. in translation they trusted their govt.
2 – Most saudis know in their hearts that Alqaeda’s Islam is not the true Islam thus they were more inclined to listen.
3 – In prison the arrested were reeducated and then used to counter thier old allies. So instead of just punishment KSA rehabliated them.
4 – KSA said no to USA and devised their own policy and as much King Abudllah is loved he is seen an ally of USA, so he used Prince Naif, whom the west hate and considers a radical, as interior minister. Prince Naif has a great standing in the religious and conservative section and when he came out Al-qaeda they listened and followed.

Now compare to Pak, we started this mess by making it USA war, then we killed our own ppl indiscriminately thus giving the insurgents a sympathy factor. We all talk abt TTP and all the mess yet we forget what is happening in Baluchistan, can u blame that on Taliban.

That’s why I proposed in other posts that we need national policy but 4 that to succeed we need leadership. We can’t stop drone attacks, we have our own pop made refugee in our own countries. How we gonna defeat Taliban or all other insurgents just by force when majority of Pakistanis don’t support the use of force. [add here the covet support provided by Pakistan’s ISI to hard-core elements in the Taliban].

Furthermore Army can’t defeat them we need small army special groups, we need paramilitary to do the day to day crap to deal with them and special army units to go in and do the commando wipe out. How many Pakistani Army javans have been killed and how many policemen yet all we get is crap fro usa. That’s why we say get rid of USA and start our own way. USA will not help us its not in their interests to have stable strong Pakistan. Cuz their allies India and Israel dun want it.

Traffic said:

@ afzaalkhan

give me a break. are we now going to follow saudi arabia as a model? who told you that king abdullah “is loved” in saudi arabia? saudi regime is one of the most repressive and CORRUPT regimes in the world. try to hold a small protest there and you wont be seen again. and dont even get me started on their Islam, the “scholars” who please the King most with their fatwas get the highest positions. case in point when saudi mufti termed it a “fitna” to PROTeST against Israel’s recent aggression on Gaza. do you know what the penalty for committing “fitna” in saudi is? THINK before praising saudi or any other arab regime next time, they are the worst of humanity, and they are aiding the kuffar in occupying Muslim lands and killing Muslims.

savage said:


“dude i think we all agree killing is wrong done by anyone watever the cause, I think nota has mentioned that b4″

That is what I’m not able to understand, if most of the anti-taliban’s bashers don’t support these acts of killing (as they say) why label others like liberal fascists or baboos who condemn these acts openly. Not only that, their excuse “Oh army and americas are doing the same thing”, does this by default give them license to kill too?? I damn anyone who is killing innocent people including these khuwarjits, glorified as taliban. I also strongly believe that unless army is supporting them they can’t operate this openly. My reasoning, not even a single [top] leader has been captured or killed knowing the fact that if the army wants it could hit at their as they have lot more resources, example the “Bhugti murder”.

savage said:


Suicide bombers ready to defend Pakistan:TTP
Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) chief Baitullah Mehsud said on Wednesday that ‘hundreds of thousands of suicide bombers’ are ready to defend Pakistan in case of war with India. According to a statement, he said, “Despite our differences with the government, the protection of Pakistan and its people is as much our duty as it is of the armed forces.” “The armed forces and the nation do not need to worry about the western borders in case of an Indian attack,” he added….

Until India attacks Pakistan lets keeps practicing on our own Pakistani brothers, practice makes perfect.

Source: pkpolitics

Also read:

Grand Trunk Road: Imran Khan, hurry up, we are waiting for your statement


Rabia said…
I’m glad you put up these pictures and the video even though they are very painful to see. People should see what kind of brutality they are apologizing for and rationalizing.

28 MARCH 2009 08:36
sazk said…
indian agents who are doing these bombings will be rooted out of pakistan and the skin will be peeled off their faces

28 MARCH 2009 11:46
Socrates said…

You seem to be quite convinced that suicide bombings are carried out by indian agents, please advise us your source of this very important piece of information !

28 MARCH 2009 13:09