In support of the LUBP – by Muhammad Amjad Rashid


It is the clear intention of anti-democratic forces to demolish democratic parties in Pakistan, especially the largest democratic force in Pakistan, i.e., Pakistan People’s Party. These anti-democratic forces have great resources in their hands because they have always robbed poor public of Pakistan, and that’s why they are anti-democratic by nature. Feudalism and dictatorship is found in their nature and attitude. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto gave the ideology of “ISLAMIC DEMOCRACY & SOCIALISM”, that’s why these forces have always been in most bitter enmity against ZULFIQAR ALI BHUTTO & his PAKISTAN PEOPLE’S PARTY.

Right from its genesis, the PPP has been attacked by bureaucracy, establishment, feudalists, industrialists, and army generals, chaudharies & waderas who were the production of the British Raj. These (dark) forces constantly attacked PPP because they knew that PPP is the biggest hurdle in their anti-democratic and anti-human ways. Unfortunately, mass media was used as a tool to spread disinformation about PPP from the 1st day.

Same media war against PPP is continuing till currently. Every sensible person in Pakistan feels that PPP is facing media trial every day, every hour and every second. The right wing media is focused on PPP while other parties are given full concession. The mission of DR. SHAHID MASOOD, HAMID MIR, SHAHEEN SAHBAI, ANSAR ABBASI & KAMRAN KHAN of GEO GROUP along with the illiterate journalists like IRFAN SIDDIQUI etc is only to misinform people about PPP & its leader ASIF ALI ZARDARI. It is strange that same media was calling ASIF ALI ZARDARI as “MARD-E-HUR” and now same media is spreading adverse lies about him because he is now in the government and the co-chairman of PPP, which is the party of the poor and the great obstacle for anti-democratic forces in Pakistan in their mission to make dictatorship rule in Pakistan.

Media along with its vast resources is trialing PPP & its co-chairman along with other leaders of PPP constantly and PPP is not officially fighting against this war, as PPP is in government, and PPP has to follow the ethics of government. Government has to bear many things for the sake of state and country.

LET US BUILD PAKISTAN is a project of critical supporters of PPP and it has successfully defended PPP and its mission. After the release of audio tape of HAMID MIR with TALIBANS, the topic of discussions in most media shows is LET US BUILD PAKISTAN.

LUBP is the source of relief to the workers of PPP in this media trial situation against PPP. LUBP has played very important role to bring the real truth in front of people not only in Pakistan but in whole the world. LUBP is not officially supported by PPP and its resources are almost negligible as compared to resources of GEO, EXPRESS, and WAQT etc… . But its work, its journalism, its professionalism and its dedication towards Pakistan and its people is better than these so called MEDIA ICONS.

LUBP never attacked on any media person or any political person personally but media especially GEO has started to attack LUBP negatively and it is the proof of the popularity of LUBP. As Dale Carnegie has written “No one hits the dead dog”, same situation is here. Media is criticizing LUBP and wants also that people should ignore this, so it is the double standard of the media. No one hits the dead dog so LUBP is not dead dog and LUBP has shown its effects on Pakistani journalism which is evident especially in HAMID MEED’s audio tape case. The son of KHALID KHAWAJAH has also accepted that HAMID MEER is involved in the murder of his father and the audio tape is real.

And it is very funny that HAMID MEER & his JEW (GEO) supporters have criticized PPP and specially its co-chairman ASIF ALI ZARDARI in this audio tape scandal. Any one can understand about HAMID MEER that “The grapes are sour”. He is mentally shocked. The man who has the habit of blaming ASIF ALI ZARDARI, BABAR AWAN, REHMAN MALIK, FAROOQ H NIAK, LATEEF KHOSA and other leaders of PPP is in great trouble when he is himself under blame of a murder and supporting TALIBANS. Media should realize that it is very easy to criticize negatively and blame any thing on the government but it is very difficult to work and run government in this critical situation which Pakistan is facing. It is easy to make a blame for HAMID MEER but it is not easy to bear and defend any blame on him.

LUBP has always published the letters or articles that are written on the negative thinking against LUBP but it is the demand of true journalism that both the sides of the picture should be shown to people. LUBP has always welcomed criticize against it as it will make LUBP more and more better. The media especially JEW (GEO) should also follow the example set by LUBP and the government’s prospective and good work should also be welcomed by the media as it is the duty of media to show both sides of any situation. The history is evident that false media trial never brought down the popularity of any party or team in the world as the right is always RIGHT.
M. AMjad RAshid

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