Urgent Appeal: Hamid Mir must be investigated to ensure safe release of British film director Asad Qureshi


Malik Shahid, Press Pakistan

Award winning journalist and documentary maker Asad Qureshi’s life is under severe danger of being cut short by his captives (Punjabi Taliban / Sipah-e-Sahaba) in Waziristan. Hamid Mir’s claim that the audiotape of his conversation with a Punjabi Taliba is fake is a naked lie, for no one’s voice can be faked perfectly, as it is like one’s finger print and the voice on the tape certainly does belong to Hamid Mir.

The Punjabi Taliban too have (not surprisingly) come forward in support of Hamid Mir’s claim that the tape is fake. This further confirms our doubts on Hamid Mir’s links with the Taliban.

As Hamid Mir is the only known clue to who have abducted Asad Qureshi as he is in touch with them, he should be questioned ASAP to recover Asad from his captors.

The so called allegations and counter-allegations of media trial and conspiracy theories can go on, but at stake is an innocent life and that also of a world class reporters and documentary film.

Please to check the credentials of Asad Qureshi at www.imdb.com and also look at his award winning documentary on the 2005 earth quake and Wazirisan called ‘Wana Olives’ and many others.

Here is a news report from The Guardian on filmmaker Asad Qureshi who worked on Empire of the Sun, Willow, and who recently directed a film on the murder of Daniel Pearl.



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