Unacceptable behaviour by a PML-N politician – by Farhad Jarral

Last night Abid Sher Ali MNA from PML-N had used slanderous language against Governor Salman Taseer in the presence of Fauzia Wahab MNA and Information Secretary PPP at a TV talk show ‘Off the record’ hosted by Kashif Abbasi.  It was a moment of shame for whole nation that we have such illiterate politicians in our country who don’t feel hesitation to speak bazari language whether against a man or a women.

This perhaps shows Abid Sher Ali’s own values and upbringing as he said we usually ask ‘ahmaq’ to our children at home. So sad to hear this stupidity that a person who represents masses of Pakistan is behaving like an un-educated and illiterate person. Shame on you Abid Sher Ali, you should apologise for this in front of camera, and you should say sorry to the whole nation for your bad behaviour and language.


2 responses to “Unacceptable behaviour by a PML-N politician – by Farhad Jarral”

  1. Democracy has been returned to Pakistan after years of struggle. Politicians must remember that they are actually representing the will of the people more than themselves and must refute activities which in anyway promote disrespectful or violent attitude. This word-war is what initiates aggressive behavior in us.