Tahir Sarwar Mir: Sharif Brothers and their principled struggle for revolution

Nila Gumbad loves Anarkali

Shahbaz Sharif’s revolutionary style and the pledge to change his name (to what?) unless….

Parda hai parda – Amar Akbar Anthony (1977)

Some relevant comments:

MalangBaba said: Reconciliation can only happen if both sides are sincere. Sharifs are not sincere. They planned to work for mid-term elections as soon as zardari refused to accept Nawaz as a joint candidate for President. He wants to come to power by hook or by crook. By all means he only represents part of urban Punjab. He is not a national leader and his party is not a national party. He has no representation in two provinces and only marginal presence in NWFP and Senate. Even in Punjab his party is in minority. So far he has not even dared to visit any other city outside urban northern Punjab. He is again doing ‘Jaag Punjabi Jaag’ politics of 80-90’s and in confrontation with every institution of the country.

PPP was sincere with him that is why they gave him posts of Dy. PM and key ministries like Finance. But Sharifs are slaves of their instincts and Gawalmandi brought up. They never reciprocated in Punjab where they didn’t give any share of power to PPP. Rather he started Lotacracy and created forward block in PML-Q to have a complete control of Punjab.

I agree with Pervaiz Ashraf. PPP and allies should stop reconciliation efforts and answer him in the same language. Failure of Strike call in 80% of country is a proof that Sharifs are not popular accross the country. there is no need to be affraid of them. If they want politics of 80’s back, be it. He has not learned any lesson from past. His language and Majha Gaama style tells that.

If he wants ’street politics’, PPP should answer him in same coin.

If he wants ChangaManga and Lotacracy back, PPP should answer him in same coin.

If he wants Galam Galoch in rallies – PPP should answer him in same coin.

If he wants to bulldoze Superem Court again – he must be restrained.

If he wants to bring Ziaism back – he must be stopped at every cost.

rafay79 said: The way NS has all of a sudden become our next big hope reminds me of a couple of Rauf Klasra articles written over the last few months.

While i would like to think otherwise, one feels we’re pretty much on course to be fooled again.