Scoundrel as justice

When a chief justice provokes people to violence

Lahore High Court’s Chief Justice has been provoking the lawyer community to take vigilante actions against Pakistan’s People’s Party (PPP) so that the democratically elected government is either sacked and the army returns to power, or new elections are held and somehow Nawaz Shiarif’s Muslim League can form government. His target is always President Zardari and the PPP. He has nothing to say about Nawaz Sharif or any other political party. He speaks like a demagogue. Is this the way a justice speaks? He is a scoundrel in the garb of an honorable judge.

On 8 May the LHC Chief Justice addressed Gujranwala’s lawyers. Here is the complete report:

“A conspiracy against the judiciary”
By Express Tribune

May 08, 2010

LAHORE: Lahore High Court Chief Justice Khawaja Sharif urged the lawyers on Saturday to remain vigilant as a conspiracy is being hatched against the judiciary once again.

After an oath taking ceremony at Gujranwala Tax Bar, he said anyone found trying to confront the judiciary will be dealt with accordingly. He urged the lawyers to stand united if the authority of the judiciay is challenged.

Justice Khwaja said the top judiciary do not want confrontation but if challenged it knows how to get its verdicts implemented. He added that the judiciary is delivering justice to every one, and no one is above the law.




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