BB murder probe: telecom record allegedly changed – Mohammad Asghar

Source Dawn:
ISLAMABAD, May 2: The Special Investigation Group of FIA investigating Benazir Bhutto’s murder case has detected that the telecommunication record book had been tampered with and interviewed three officials of the police telecommunication wing on Sunday, besides the superintendent of police on whose alleged order it was done.

According to informed sources, the FIA team also seized the record of four police stations of Rawalpindi for the month of December, 2007, when Ms Bhutto had been assassinated.

The investigation took a new turn after the then ASP, Ishfaq Anwar, who was assigned to provide box security (supervision) to Ms Bhutto, changed his statement given to the UN Commission when he appeared before the FIA team and told it that he had been sent to Koral Chowk by the then CPO to handle another incident.

The sources said that in order to support his statement, he produced the telecommunication record, but that was found to have been tampered with, because the investigators were in possession of the previous record.

The sources said that the team called the deputy superintendent of police (telecommunication), Munawar Gill, and his two subordinate operators, Ahmed Nawaz and Bilal Ahmed, for interviews.

The questioning to the telecommunication staff started at around 10 am and continued till 5.30pm on Sunday. The then ASP, Ishfaq Anwar, who had been posted as the ASP Headquarters at that time was interviewed by the FIA team for more than three hours.

The sources said that Ahmed Nawaz (wireless operator), told the investigators that his deputy superintendent had asked him to take the log book of the wireless control room to the residence of SP Ishfaq Ahmed on the 26th and 27th last month.

The sources said that on seeing the log book of December, 2007, the SP asked him who was on duty at that time and whose handwriting was on it?

He then asked Ahmed Nawaz to take him to the house of Bilal Ahmed who was on second duty on Dec 27.

The sources said that the SP drove his car to Bilal’s house and brought him along with him to his house where he first offered him a cup of tea and then reportedly asked him to write down that he was on duty at the Koral Chowk on Dec 27, 2007.

The sources said the FIA team asked the DSP Telecommunication, Munawar Gill, why he had given the log book to a police officer who was only an OSD now.

The FIA team also seized the “Roznamchas” of four police stations of Rawalpindi to verify security duties of the police for Dec 27, 2007, the sources said.

When SP Ishfaq Anwar was contacted, he was not available for comment on the development.

However, he has already denied having been involved in any record tampering.



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