Javed Hashmi vs Amin Fahim – by Muhammad Amjad Rashid

It is a common thought in Pakistan that both the big political parties of Pakistan have not done good with their 2nd tier leadership who were running the parties during the Musharraf’s reign when the top leadership of both parties was out of the country or was in prison. It is alleged that the PPP has ignored AMIN FAHIM and PML-N has ignored JAVED HASHMI who are the real men of the parties.

But if we review carefully, we can identify some difference between the situations of AMIN FAHIM with JAVED HASHMI.

Pakistan People’s Party is the party of all the provinces. It has its roots in every part of Pakistan; it has won election seats from all parts of the federation. In other words, PPP is a representative of all the areas of Pakistan. It must represent all the provinces in the government.

The situation after the elections 2008 was that the PPP was in government and it had to think about the representation of all the provinces in the government and ministries. It had also to think about the allied parties’ quota in the government and cabinet. So, Baloch ministers were made part of cabinet. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (N.W.F.P at that time) was chosen for deputy speakership of the parliament of Pakistan. Sindh was chosen for the speakership of the parliament of Pakistan, and especially for presidency because ASIF ALI ZARDARI, the head of PPP was only choice of president for the workers of PPP due to bitter past experience with FAROOQ LEGHARI.

About 15 days, the matter of selection of prime minister was prolonged. The decision was not taken by the leadership of PPP or by ASIF ALI ZARDARI sole. The decision was left to the workers and members of the PPP and 15 days conservations were made on this issue. About 80% members of the party elected SYED YOUSUF RAZA GILLANI over AMIN FAHIM because of his representation from PUNJAB especially SOUTHERN PUNJAB.

As the government of PPP was established after almost 13 years, the wounds given by traitor SARDAR FAROOQ LEGHARI were still fresh. So PPP couldn’t afford to give the seat of president to any one except the chairman himself to finish the effects of LAGHARISM. So ASIF ALI ZARDARI became the president of Pakistan after Musharraf’s departure.

Now the anti-PPP forces tried their full to make AMIN FAHIM separate from party as PRIME MINISTRY missed him 3rd time in his career. But the GREAT HURR remained with the party and kept the tradition of his elders alive. He remained with the party and added solidarity to it.

AMIN FAHIM said: “The presidential seat of Pakistan People’s Party is more important to him compared to the presidential seat of Pakistan and he is proud to be the PRESIDENT of PAKISTAN PEOPLE’S PARTY.

Now he is in the cabinet and is the minister of trade & affairs.

If we see the situation of JAVED HASHMI, then we find that he was the man who provided leadership to PML-N in the absence of SHARIF BROTHERS in Pakistan. He was in jail in MUSHARRAF’s regime and kept the name and status alive of his party which was in great danger due to the departure of SHARIF BROTHERS to SAUDIA ARABIA after an agreement with PARVEZ MUSHARRAF.

The fans and members of Muslim League-N were despaired due to the decision of SHARIF BROTHERS. They only thought about saving their lives and left the party matters almost totally. Javed Hashmi kept the hopes alive of ML-N’s members and fought against the dictatorship of PARVEZ MUSHARRAF. In the elections 2008, Javed Hashmi defeated SHEIKH RASHID in RAWALPINDI (the own city of SHEIKH RASHID) although he was from MULTAN himself and that was the great achievement for Muslim League-N. He won election from 4 most difficult seats where the Muslim League-Q was dominating.

After the elections 2008, although Muslim League-N was a part of government in earlier months, but there was no problem with Muslim League-N relating to representation of all areas of Pakistan like PPP had to face. It was the right time to pay tribute to the efforts of Javed Hashmi and his struggle against dictatorship and his efforts for the party but all was in vain. Ch. Nisar from CHAKRI was given all the recourses of the party who was himself aside from party during Musharraf’s dictatorship.

The leader of the opposition must have been JAVED HASHMI. It was the wish of Muslim League-N’s fans to see Jaevd Hashmi as the opposition leader in the parliament. It was also useful for the parliament as Javed Hashmi is the man of principles and he would be a great help for Pakistan and its government affairs. The right and positive criticizes of Javed Hashmi would be a great benefit for the government.

But to disturb the government and to do the negative politics Ch. Nisar was given preference over Javed Hashmi. The inner fear of SHARIF BROTHERS that JAVED HASMI might control the party and will lead was converted into the humiliation of JAVED HASHMI. He was totally back sided in important matters of party and opposition including the government matters of Punjab. Shahbaz Sharif leads the party and government in Punjab and Ch. Nisar in opposition. The real politics of the party is in the hands of MAIN MUHAMMAD NAWAZ SHARIF.

Where is Javed Hashmi?

Is it a crime to fight against dictatorship on right rules?

Is it crime in Muslim League-N to do the politics of the RIGHT?

Is it crime in Muslim League- N to say the truth?

If Javed Hashmi respects the presidential seat of Pakistan and opposes any non democratic effort against president of Pakistan, then is it a crime?

Can Muslim League answer these questions?

6 responses to “Javed Hashmi vs Amin Fahim – by Muhammad Amjad Rashid”

  1. Good points about the way Javed Hashmi has been handled by PML N. PML N has predominantly been a party of the central punjab with most representation being given to districts like Lahore, Faisalabad, Sialkot and Rawalpindi. It is sad that a person of Javed Hashmi’s stature was sidelined by the PML N.

  2. well i think Zardari himself cornered amin fahim,safdar abbasi,naheed khan,sherry rehman,raza rabbani,and dr israr.Dr israr lost his legs in bomb blast but in return he cudn’t get seat of senate.Where were the so called principles of ppp.Zardari shahib gave ticket to clown like senetar waqar ahmed khan and his family.where were these princeples..lagta hai ghaas khanay gaye hain saray asool.

  3. bhai saheb koi asool ghaas khanay nahi gaya huaaa

    kisi ko side line nahi kia gaya hai PPP main aur Amin Fahim ka to mainay iss article main clear kar dia hai

    Sherry Rehman b CEC main hain

    or 18th ammendment main Raza Rabbani ka kirdaar aap sub daikh chukay hain

    Naheed or Abbasi ki apni ghalatian hain aur Dr. Israr ki abhi b wohi importance hai jo pehlay thee

    senate tickets ka faislay party CEC karti hai

  4. o bhai is tarha kisi jahil ko bewakoof banao…..samjhay….party ki cec kia hai tumhari…haan?…for god sake..jhoot boltay waqt zuban nai tankhti tumhari