Zardari’s choice: Power or PML-N? by Majid Shah


Tuesday, 10 June 2008.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Wrong assessments lead to wrong conclusions. Our politicians are quite prone to making wrong assessments about undercurrents of the Establishment and world support.

Twice the PPP lost governments because of these wrong assessments. Nawaz Sharif made similar mistakes.

This time, it is up to the PPP to decide whether both PPP and PML-N will repeat the mistake for the third time or the PML-N will make it alone.

Next few days are very important. Things are quite apparent. Legally and constitutionally, neither President Pervez Musharraf can be removed nor can the deposed judges be restored.

Any misadventure on part of political parties will play havoc with future of democracy in Pakistan. Armed Forces will abide by the dictate of the constitution and any violation will be strongly resisted.

Nawaz League government in Punjab has adopted a policy of confrontation since the inception. Constitutional obligations are flouted openly. Agitation and moves to destabilize the federation are being patronized openly and covertly. Attempts are being made to settle the matters on the streets by showing disregard to the constitutionally available means.

After open support and patronage to Long March by lawyers and the announcement by Nawaz Sharif that he would also travel in the bus to Islamabad, only two options are left with PPP government: Accept ‘Governor Rule’ in Punjab and save the whole system or sacrifice the whole system, have another Martial Law unlike previous Martial Laws. We hope better sense prevails and democracy flourishes in Pakistan.

Mr. Shah is a Pakistani commentator. The views expressed here are his own. He can be reached at