The Long March fiasco: The Jamiat guys beat up the SAC students in Lahore

It seems that the cats are fighting over the piece of cheese (as if there was a piece of cheese in the first place). I have heard that ‘Momin aik sorakh say do bar nahe dasa jata’. Someone rush and convey this hadith to Imran Khan.

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Is there no shame in these people?

Young men claiming to be members of the Islami Jamiat-e-Tulaba (aka IJT, aka “the Jamiat”, the student wing of the Jamaat-e-Islami) disrupted the SAC Long March mobilisation camp at Nasir Bagh around 2:00 PM today.

They claimed that no one except the Jamiat had the right to organise any activity in that area and that the SAC members should wind up the camp within 10 minutes. The SAC members, heavily outnumbered, decided to negotiate for time and it was agreed that they would wind up the camp by 3:30 PM.

As the negotiations were ending, two SAC members arrived on the scene. One of them, Ahmed Saleemi, started filming the negotiation process and the activities of the aggressors. One of the saboteurs took offence at being filmed and angrily ordered Ahmed to stop filming and tried to grab his phone. Ahmed resisted, there was a scuffle in which Ahmed, outnumbered, was beaten up. The SAC members (one of whom was a female student from LUMS) managed to disentagle themselves and escape in one of their cars. They made rescue calls and messaged their friends, as a result of which backup started arriving.

By the time members from various activist groups (SAC, FASTRising, YPL, CMKP, lawyers) as well as the Jamaat coordinator and the Police converged on the scene, the aggressors had cleared out leaving behind the havoc they had wrought. Ale Natiq reports that when he was trying to respond to the panic calls by the SAC members, he was stopped by some of the same aggressors: “I just tried to visit the camp where the IJT guys stopped me on the way just a few meters away from the camp seeing the posters and stickers on my car and forced me to move away.”