A simple question for all Pakistanis – by HA

The reason for most of our issues for the last 60 years has been caused primarily due to collateral damage of military rule. Our people need to start getting used to democracy but the mainstream political parties are notoriously corrupt and in a large part, loathed by common people who eventually run out of alternatives to military rule.

So, if I go on to start a political party of my own, a truly democratic party run by its members, perhaps even taking advantage of lack of web presence of other mainstream parties… how far can I get without stepping on any shoes? I, being any regular Pakistani.

Every Pakistani see the need of a strong democratically elected government that can unite the people under one banner and convince the army of its straightforward purpose; To really, for once, build a better Pakistan.

I trust our Army has been doing this for the last 60 years but the illegal money is far too lucrative and readily accessible to those in the army, who are just as prone to greed as any regular guy. We need a government that can convince the army that a broader economic vision will put is in a much better position in the region than our militant connections.

The urgency of the current situation can be easily marketed to our people. The stage is set to replicate an Obamanian-style change.

Again, how far can one get with a visionary political agenda without getting plagued down by violence and propaganda?

Please provide your input.