OTHER VOICES – Pushto Press – Taliban kill Pakhtuns

Tolafghan, Kabul

Taliban kill Pakhtuns

TALIBAN militants have taken responsibility for most of the attacks and suicide bombings inside Afghanistan. They have especially been engaged in wiping out Pakhtuns over the last seven years; and this brings us to the conclusion that there is some involvement of hidden hands.

Hundreds of people are killed by the Taliban and the foreign troops. …If the Taliban militants show no sympathy towards helpless citizens, their counterparts (the foreign troops) are also showing sufficient signs of brutality. The American troops are loath to spare even a donkey rider.

In today’s world, the Pakhtun and the Taliban have become synonymous terms. But the reality is that the Taliban are targeting the Pakhtuns while the Parsiwans are enjoying a relatively secure life. It shows that the Taliban are anti-Pakhtun and that they are backed by anti-Pakhtun forces whose sole aim is to keep the Pakhtuns under-developed and under-privileged. That is why we are witnessing the ongoing crisis only in the Pakhtun areas on both sides of the Durand Line.

Southern Afghanistan, including the eastern wing, is faced with a crisis. But surprisingly, the north, where Parsiwans are in a majority, is peaceful and the foreigners prefer to stay there. In the south, more than 50 per cent of the schools have been destroyed while teachers have been crippled. Islam does not allow such acts … for working for the government or educating the non-educated! Acid is thrown on the faces of girl students or they are simply killed. The Taliban are killing Pakhtun leaders. The Pakhtuns are caught between the devil and the deep sea.

Who said that the Taliban are fighting for Islam? Only a fraction of them can be called jihadis. The rest are puppets in the hands of others. Some are asked why they didn’t attack Dostum who killed thousands of innocent Afghans. …It seems that the Taliban are using the name of Islam to serve some other goals. In fact they are defaming Islam. — (Jan 21)

Translated and selected by Khadim Hussain and M. Arif (Dawn)