Pakhtuns protest in London against the atrocities of Taliban in uniform (ISI) and Taliban in civil dress (jihadis of Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba)

Pakhtuns are a brave peace-loving nation. They mind their own business and hate acts of violence, religious, ethnic and sectarian terrorism. This was the message of a grand protest organized by the Pukhtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party. The demonstrators protested against the brutal killing of Pakhtuns not only by the Taliban but also by the key sponsor and protector of Taliban, the ISI (intelligence wing of Pakistan Army).


The protest demonstration was organized by the Pukhtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party in London against terrorism and fundamentalism in Swat, Khyber, Waziristan , Bajaur and Afghanistan.

Pukhtoon protested in London against terrorism, demolishing of schools and killing of innocent people in Swat.

One of the placards describes the whole truth: Talib + ISI = terrorism

Some Comments:


Very Nice. this is a wake up call. I just wanted to know please guys how did these people got united and I also wanted to know please somebody tell me so we can work on it to make it better to wake people up. is it through youtube or any other media because I never seen this anywhere beside youtube


damn i wish i was there but im in America….if theres one thing that i disagree with the guy speaking is the issue of the taliban, he see’s them as a threat to pashtuns,but they consist of dominant pashtuns……and by now it seems impossible to defeat them, theyre must be a way to bring a negotiation between all pashtuns parties and the taliban too.

if we can not do this that we will be eliminated, until then we are filthy refugees and caveman



dhair ala and thank you so much Lar Aw Bar Yaw Afghan


sub titles would really help =)

@ musabiftikhar no one will agree to give up their territory Pakistan is a very tribal society. each area already has its ethnic groups whose history is 1000’s of years old they will never give up their land to settlers ie Afghan Muhajirs.

the NWFP should be renamed to something appropriate like Afghania or Pushtoonistan to honor the people & their history not to mention the pashtoons are well integrated into Pakistan society specially transportation & the military.


they are protesting in the name of all pashtuns, they’re were pashtunistan, waziristan and afghanistan flags there…….what do you want them to do? thats the best they can do


Very good now we can see hope as i can see this is the first time that pashtuns are protesting and inshallah its gona get better Lar Aw Bar yaw Afghan


Excellent Job done I wish I was here but my brother died, i couldnt make it. I would like to know who have organised this demonstration and I wish him all the best.


very nice work keep up the good work this what we nee


we need more demonstation against the enemy of pashtane