Religious Leaders Reject Enforcement of Talibani Shariat in Malakand Division !

Religion being used to further evil designs: ulema council

HYDERABAD, April 18: The Ittehad Ummat Council’s Sindh chapter said on Saturday that a handful of people were using the name of Islam to further their own nefarious designs and urged civil society and media to raise a forceful voice against the un-Islamic acts taking place in the name of Taliban.

The convenor of the Ittehad Ameer Abdullah Farooqui and deputy convenor Dr Aneesur Rehman Siddiqui advocate said at a news conference at the press club that it was a conspiracy aimed at defaming Islam. They called upon the government to take action against the elements whose actions were defaming the religion.

The Ittehad believes that “we are first Muslims and then Sunnis, Deobandis, Shias and Ahl-e-Hadees”, they stressed. They said that the enemies of Islam were trying to divide Pakistani nation into different sects. The suicide bombers had nothing to do with Islam and those who were patronising such elements should be arrested, they said.

Instead of bowing to terrorists they should be challenged, they said and added that Islam is the religion of peace and love. There should be only one judicial system in the country and no one should be allowed to create a state within the state because it would lead to opening the Pandora’s Box, they said. They said that by signing an agreement with a banned outfit the government had proved that it had accepted as genuine this banned organisation. They said that the jirga system was a symbol of tyranny and urged the government to take action against the tyrants who were killing innocent women in the name of karo-kari.

JAFRIA ALLIANCE: The Hyderabad chapter of the Jafria Alliance Pakistan has rejected enforcement of what it termed Talibani Sharia and said that it has endangered the very existence of the country. The president of Hyderabad chapter of the alliance Syed Rashid Hussain said at a meeting on Saturday that the enforcement of Talibani Sharia had strengthened the hands of Taliban and the two parallel judicial systems had weakened the country. He said that Fiqah-i-Jafria would strongly resist the promulgation of any un-Islamic laws and praised MQM chief Altaf Hussain for boycotting the National Assembly session over the issue.

Daily Dawn —- 19th March, 09