Pakistan’s “independent” judiciary fails to punish jihadi and sectarian killers

Fazlullah nearing his end?

One TV channel actually announced Saturday night that the Swat warlord Fazlullah had been captured in a wounded state from his Peochar stronghold in the area. But the official version is not far off the mark: he could be captured any time soon. Former FATA secretary Brigadier Mahmood Shah (retd) in his TV comment hoped that Fazlullah would be punished for what he has done and not be let off on bail, as has been done in the case Maulana Abdul Aziz of Lal Masjid.

Why should someone as important as Mr Shah start fearing that Fazlullah will go free? Yet he is not alone in feeling that, despite our “independent” judiciary. Reports from Multan have been streaming in saying that Lashkar-e-Jhangvi killer Akram Lahori could be about to go free because witnesses against him keep on disappearing mysteriously. Judges are not exempt from threatening calls and, like the khassadars of Khyber, they could be more inclined to believe the terrorists rather than the state of Pakistan.

Briefing a Senate committee, FATA Additional Chief Secretary Habibullah Khan has said something that must upset a lot of people. He said: “There is evidence that the US, Israel and India are involved in nurturing the insurgency in FATA”. Like the evidence against India — which was never handed over to the Indians or shown in Pakistan — this evidence too has to be treated as “emotional” unless it is made public.

Why should America kill Baitullah Mehsud, thus breaking the back of the Taliban insurgency, and yet join India and Israel to conspire against the very country it wants not to succumb to terror? If America is following a strategy of dividing the Taliban in FATA then that should be differentiated from what the FATA officer thinks are acts against Pakistan. The Interior Ministry should seriously be worried about why people think that Pakistan will fail to punish its terrorists. (Daily Times)