Imran Khan to contest bye-elections in Lahore and Rawalpindi?

Here is a proposal by Haroon Rasheed in today’s Jang:

If what HR claims is true, Imran Khan should stand for elections in NA 123 and NA 55 as hundreds of thousands of his (imaginary?) voters are waiting for him.

Article by Tahir Sarwar Mir
Imran Khan: From Score to Votes
Kashif said: (pkpolitics)

If any pro-Zardari or pro-Sharif journalist writes like this whole cyber PTI/JI pultoon will jump on him. Despite his blatant support to Imran Khan they shamelessly claim Haroon Rashid is unbiased. My foot unbiased …. he is probably most biased right winger openly compagining for IK. I wish this phutoo Taliban Khan listens to his ill adviser and file his papers. I doubt it will achieve any of the goals that Mr. unbiased has listed but will certainly burst IK’s cyber bubble.

Pakistani said:

To applogise some of you – he is lacking political wisdom and etiquette talking in public and infront of media – written on wall from very day one he can not make a place.

Cancer hospital in Lahore is a good example of his effort – he should concentrate his time for a new cancer hospitals in Gilgit and Sibi rather than politics.

Junaid Khan said:

Well written Haroon Rashid , I totally Support his pts of view and further more I want that Imran Khan should file his nomination for NA123 seat , and contest against Nawaz Sharif , This been a great Political move by Imran Khan .
And Pls note my all PTI fellow , we should not been afraid of losing , We have to take bold decision in respect of uplifted ourselves in the eyes of people of Pakistan . secondly Nawaz Sharif personality is so controversial which describe by Haroon Rashid as well in his coloum as well , so we can easily cash it through proper compaigning and right manner that people more and more aware abt that , and in last it will boost a new energy among worker and welll support PTI can gather in future .
I wish Imran Khan read all this and should take a bold decision , which will make him popular leader in future .