Three female suicide bombers in Lahore attack: Brainwashed by Farhat Hasmi

Dr Farhat Hashmi is a notorious, hate-spreading Wahhabi preacher, who has successfully brainwashed hundred of innocent girls and women in Pakistan and abroad by bringing them into the Saudi-Wahhabi cult. There is a possibility that the three female suicide bombers involved in the Lahore attack were brainwashed by Farhat Hashmi’s (and Zakir Naik’s) lectures spreading hatred against minority sects in Islam and also hatred against Christians, Jews and the west in general.
Terrorists attacked the Elite Police Academy in Bedian, near Lahore, where at least three people were killed, Lahore Police Commissioner Khusro Parvez told DawnNews. Seven people were critically injured, while the security forces are still engaged in an exchange of fire with the attackers. Out of the 13 terrorists who attacked the Elite Academy, three were female, officials said.

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