Unprecedented Zardari- by Faizi Mughal

The unprecedented Zardari has set new precedents in the history of Pakistan. He is no doubt a trend setter, who has set several living and everlasting examples. From Iskander Mirza to Musharraf, Pakistan’s history has witnessed several heads of states but no one competes with Zardari in virtues and his extraordinary approach.

From the day one Zardari stepped in corridors of powers, right wing media and opposition fortune tellers started yelping that sun of Zardari’s regime would set soon. Following the predictions, austerity drives with full force were launched against Zardari. An indiscriminate fire opened at Zardari; fabricated allegations, attempts to pit military against him, minus one formula, so called criticism on Kerry Lugar bill and finally the most effective weapon, judiciary, was unleashed at Zardari to knock down him but all went futile and PPP’s sun is shining with full glow.

It was the determination of Zardari that in spite of malicious attempts and leg pulling, he did not surrender before these swindlers. He is still in field; challenging those who were wishful to punish him but all shown the white feather. Irrespective of ambushing by opposition (who  itself is as crooked as dog’s hind legs) and biasness of media President Asif Ali changed the history of Pakistan.

The politics of reconciliation was perhaps a new concept for Pakistan where swords were drawn in seconds and political victimization was at peak. It might not be easy for someone victimized for eleven years but forgive as it was not a great deal, it seems good while listening and reading but in fact it is hard. It was indeed a precedent, Pakistan history never witnessed. Balochistan was given importance, first time in the history of Pakistan, cases against Baloch leaders were quashed, President offered an official apology, it was a new precedent Pakistan history never witnessed.

The full fledge military operation to purge Pakistan from so called custodians of Islam and religious frenzies, a resolve first time history of Pakistan witnessed. It was also for the first time in the history of Pakistan that Senate Elections were held without any horse trading merely because the ruling political party PPP refused to buy MNAs for Senate elections. The landmark achievement was done at the behest of President Zardari. A strong resolve to empower women and signing women protection bill, even tremendous pressure by beard politician in the Parliament, was mile stone in the history of Pakistan and most recent and ever first honor to become a president by donating his body organs, history of Pakistan never witnessed and I think will never witness after Zardari.