An open letter to the President of Pakistan from an Indian citizen

By R.Alamsha Karnan

An open letter to the President of Pakistan from an Indian

Dear President of Pakistan

I appreciate your genuine aspiration to have friendly relationship with India and save your nation from the brink of collapse. 180+ million hard working and lovely people of Pakistan have the right to expect peace and prosperity for their nation and that’s the reaon they have elected you in the first place.

We can not deny the fact that the 1947 partition and the birth of Pakistan was a culmination of more than 150 years of Hindu-Muslim hatred perpetrated and fanned by the British. This partition has divided millions of families across the border and they desperately want to meet and reunite with their loved one’s.

Pakistan is getting isolated in the comity of nations and is being projected as an unfavourable destination for business. Millions of your well educated and hard working youths are facing embarassment and difficulties abroad. Even employers in gulf countries are showing reluctance towards hiring Pakistani manpower and in general, every one wants to stay away from Pakistan. There is a very big image problem for your nation. Why can’t you change the image of Pakstan as a dynamic and peace loving nation instead?.

I would like to ask you a few simple questions and wish you may find some surprisingly simple answers to take your nation forward.

Question 1:

India has appointed several Muslim Presidents including Dr.Abdul Kalaam and has even honoured him with the highest civilian award “Bharat Ratna”. Can a Pakistani Hindu aspire for such a honour and distinction?.

Question 2:

Why can’t you nominate a respectable, patriotic Pakistani Hindu as your Vice President and see how the entire world is going to standup and applaud your nation?.

If you can do it, entire world will admire it as a master stroke by the people of Pakistan and they will keep their head high in pride.

Good luck and God bless.